Monday, April 23, 2012

2 Housing Showcases in 1- Jose and Connor

Today I bring you 2 showcases in one. First off we have the house of Jose SeaShield. Jose has the lovely Imperial Palace in which he created a  one area he called chaos and another peace. Chaos begins where all the snap dragons are growing I can actually see why he called it that. Peace had a tree with lanterns to sit by and meditate. As I traveled through the house There are areas that he named as in one area he called Balance. He told me at one point to follow the light, meaning the yellow teleporter which took me to a very nice and cozy style den. Thank you Jose for letting me visit your wonderful house.

The next house I got to visit was Connor SparkleCaster's . Connor has decorated the balance school house to be as a home away from home. The outside is full archways you first travel through to the campsite and house off to the side. Once we went inside the house I got to view rooms from a cozy sitting area by the fire. (Oh yeah I got my tea . ;)) To his grand statue room. Thank you Connor for allowing me to view your beautiful home. 

Thank you both so much for allowing me to visit your houses. Until next time. Happy house decorating.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade


  1. Hey, i was corious when you were gonna post my home review c:


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