Monday, April 23, 2012

Emperor's Attic Pack!

Just some of the cool new stuff in the Emperor's Attic Pack!
8 new interact-able housing items including a Koi Pond!!!!!!!!
4 new plants including the Fortune Cookie Tree!
Other new items such as bobbleheads, paintings, wallpaper, music scrolls and many other furniture pieces to decorate your castle

By the way , Tag, you're it!

I have some tag game codes to give away. Watch my twitter feed to find out how to win a tag game! @ PaigeMoonShade All tag game codes have been given out.

Check out these fansites for more tag game giveaways.
More ways to win you're very own Tag Game:
Wizard101 Central Raffle

Petnome project

Diary of a Wizard

Thank you KingsIsle for this interactive game and the ability to give a few away.

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