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Gardening test realm Avalon

Where gardener is in Abbey road after quests are completed.

You must complete the quest "Sumner's Tale" in Caliburn AND "Between Two Shrubs" in Dun Dara before Roger the Shrubber will appear.  

Summer FieldGoal

Gardening in Avalon! You are now able to rank up to level 15 with all new gardening spells! The quest begins in Caliburn from the quest giver Summer FliedGoals. He sends you on a variety of interesting quests from collecting grain and hedges to talking with other quest givers such as Sir Perry Gillam, who will have you battling some really cool Fire-Spitter Spawn dragons ( Say that 3 times fast) .   

Fire-Spitter Spawn

Silver Rose Garden

Once you are in Dun Dara you will meet the gardener at the garden of silver roses, It is a such a beautiful garden too I would love it in a house.  Once you complete his quest you will be able to find him in Abbey Road. Then you will be able to train the new spells. Spells include; Putrid Bug Spray, Rank 10, Miniature Bloodbats Rank 12 and Second Spring rank 15. I am going to have so much fun with Second Spring this spell makes your elder plants look like they are at mature stage for ever, or until you harvest them.

We also get some very cute new plants; Angora BunnyEars and a variety of colored HuckleBerries. The Angora BunnyEars are a cute very shy plant when it does it's animation it hides it ears. The HuckleBerries very cute! and animation they spin into the ground. So far the only likes i have found are the ones listed on seed description. I will show images of these the plants below this segment ( thank you Anna for letting me take screen shots of the mature stages). Also I have a topic over at Wizard101 central of furniture I would love to have from Avalon test realm. Post at wizard101 Central  Until next time, happy house decorating.

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Young stage

Angora BunnyEars


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  1. Hi, It's Amber Rubyheart again! (The one with the myth house) I know this isn't the correct place to comment about my house, but I've finished it. I wanted to comment here to ensure that you saw it.


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