Thursday, April 12, 2012

Housing showcase: Luke SkyWalker

Cats playing Chess

Luke Skywalker's maze of houses was a joy to see even though I have the worst trouble getting through mazes. When I started off I was going through the maze of tree tops, I got lost so many times. ;) There were 3 houses to this maze;  Massive Fantasy Palace, Storm school and the Desert Oasis. Going from one house to another each having a different kind of maze. I really like this bottle maze in the Desert Oasis the best.

Inside the tree house

Jellybean mine

At the end of the tour we headed back to the Massive Fantasy Palace to view an really cool tree house he has built in his back yard. What really caught my eye through this whole tour was his amazing jellybean mine. He has a Marleybone Driller mining out the side of the hill to get all the jellybeans. There is a robot there creating all those precious jellybeans and at the top of the cliff is a crane bringing all those creates to the top to be stored away. Thank you for letting me tour your maze of houses Luke, simply wonderful. Until next time, happy house decorating.

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