Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sharpen your blades and man t' canons! There be Pirate101!


Ahoy! Wizards time to batten down the hatches and set sail through the spiral!  KingsIsle has been working on its second project for awhile and today has unveiled Pirate101 via  Press release today in  Los Angeles (April 25, 2012) at the DigitalKids conference.

It has been so hard for me as I have been playing in Alpha and I have to tell you it has been a big secret! All I can say is Perilous Penelope NightingGale  has traveled the sky ways and absolutely loves being a pirate! I know you will too to find out more check out

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  1. That's fantastic! I have signed up to be a beta tester. I love Wizard101, and I will be looking forward to Pirates101 as well.


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