Monday, May 21, 2012

Test realm Wysteria housing!

Wysteria Housing
A villa in the hills is the dream of many a young Wizard. Neatly trimmed trees, waterfalls and fountains adorn this new Wysteria Themed Castle - Villa Gardens!
Explore the courtyard, the rotunda and the topiary filled lawn as you decorate this wonderful new addition to our Castles & Lands available in the Crown Shop for Gold or Crowns. The pictures don't do it justice, preview this house for yourself!

I want to show you up close and personal to the special features of this house. This house is beautiful beyond belief. The grand view from the very step is breath taking and for 10000 crowns or 100k gold this house is a steal. Item count is 250 in and out.

The outer trail leads all the way and to a cliff which a awesome view of the outer lawn and even a pier for this relaxing time.  In side You find even a grander view of  of art work columns and space to make any decorator just want to start decorating. I know what I am doing with this house. :)

The inner court yard I believe would be the best place for all those beautiful gardens and now with the new spell second life they can stay beautiful forever. Just look at that  terrace view over the court yard.

 Inside view shows so much grandeur of caved columns a decor of the upper dome is simply splendid. Lets not forget the small village outside in the lower court yard area.

Scavenger Hunt!

It's elementary, my dear Watson! Enjoy this fun Scavenger Hunt Housing item that is available in the Crown Shop for Crowns now, and will be available to be crafted very soon! 

Choose from four types of Scavenger hunt games:

1. Scramble - Find the most Zeke friends to win in a very limited amount of time!

2. Find a Set - Be the first player to find one of each type of Zeke's friends to win.

3. Find One - Be the first to find the one lost Zeke friend.

4. Find Ten - Prepare to out-race your friends to be the first to find 10 of Zekes friends to win!

Plus more and more updates find them all at Wizard101 Test Realm Notes . Until next time. Happy house decorating.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade


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