Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Welcome to Avalon

Young Wizards who are a minimum of level 70 and have completed the quest "Through Glass, Darkly" need to speak to Merle Ambrose who will send you off on your adventures with a quest named "This Little Light of Mine".

That is right Wizards Avalon went live today. All wizards can travel the silver city of Avalon. A medieval fantasy world of knights, goblins, giants, and dragons. You quest begins in Merle Ambrose's office . From there you have some interesting battles then talk to Gamma, off to Avalon! This world is so much fun and beautiful from the landscapes to the fun NPC's you meet.

For those crowned players Avalon seems to be very reasonable:

There are 6 separate passes for 1695 Crowns each.
1. Caliburn, Abbey Road and High Road - Three zones for 1695 Crowns
2. Upper and Lower Caer Lyon - One zone for 1695 Crowns
3. Weirwood (The Wild) - One zone for 1695 Crowns
4. Weirwood (The Wyrd & Dun Dara) - Two zones for 1695 Crowns
5. Castle Avalon Outer Yard, Lake Nimue Lake Shore and Deep Water - Three zones for 1695 Crowns
6. Catacombs, Crystal Caves, Ghost Avalon, Keep of Ganelon & Restored Keep - Five zones for 1695 Crowns
World total 10170 Crowns.

New Utility Spells for All Schools!
New Level 78 Pet Quests!
Wizards can now achieve Level 80!
New gardening spells!!!!!
Display your Wands!!!!!!! Faints

Inventory Management Updates

1. Inventory Limitations
Banks now have enforced quantity limits. Your bank is now limited to 100 items or less. If you currently have more than 100 items in your bank, you will be unable to place more into your bank. You must sell, delete or feed these items to your pets
If your backpack and bank are full, you will no longer be able to receive regular items as rewards from duels
Quest related rewards, harvested Seeds and Crowns items are exempt from this limitation and you will continue to receive those rewards
You will receive an alert when your inventory is full and you can no longer receive rewards from duels
2. New Ways to Sell
New tabs in the Bazaar will allow you to sell items from your bank
You can now sell items that are in your inventory and bank via Quick Sell which is accessible from a button in your backpack page and also via a message when you don’t get an item because your inventory and bank are full
The items you sell directly from your backpack will sell at the rate of a normal shopkeeper, not the Bazaar
Players who are at or near max gold will see the 'Trash' button instead of the 'Quick Sell' button
Mounts, Pets, Houses and Crowns Items cannot be sold through 'Quick Sell'

I know you will have so much fun in this world. Until next time. See you in Avalon!

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade

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