Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Best Birthday Ever!


In all my years in life I had never had a surprise party. My friend Kathrine asked me if I wanted to check out what she was doing to make a farm house in wizard101. You know me I was like I would love to just give me a holler and I'll pop in game.

When I ported to her all I could see was SURPRISE! , Happy Birthday! In shock I hid behind a rock. Then came out and was just simply amazed at all the lovely and amazing Friends that were there. Cassandra's house was all set up for party game with the new tag and hunt games. Oh did I say FUN!!! 
Paige and Lukin

As we were playing the game Thomas LionBlood aka The friendly Necromancer aka One Eyed Jack ;)Oh wow He just made my day! Not only all the amazing friend but Tom too? What could be better? He told me to check my shared bank and OMG! I about died when I laid my eyes on Little Miss Beau, * crys* because now I am really in big shock stumbling all over my words. The surprises just kept on coming!

Paige and Professor Greyrose in Cyrus Drake costume

Dance party.

Calamity BoomPants aka Professor Greyrose popped in , Faints!!! Can't breath, cant speak total shock hits me like a rush of emotion like never before. All I can think of "Why? Am I really that worthy of such an amazing gift?"  It was the best birthday I have ever had! Thank you all so very much from the bottom of my heart!

Your Friend,
Paige MoonShade

Birthday card from Professor Greyrose

Boomer today Nov 2012 In his very own house


  1. Such an awesome party for a wonderful member of the Wizard101 community! I was glad I could be there!! ::hugs::


  2. Had an awesome time there!
    Happy Birthday again Paige!
    You deserved it!!

  3. Happy birthday, and may the next years be even happier!

  4. Happy Birthday Paige :D I hope you had a nice time at the party :D

  5. Happy Birthday Paige. Sounds like it was a blast. Couldn't happen to a nicer lady. <3

  6. I am SO glad you had a good time, Paige, you deserve this and SO much more. We are truly blessed to have you as part of this community.

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAIGE! (It's me, Brandon OwlSword aka your friend XD). So close to finding you yesterday, thanks for all the hard work you do. :)

  8. O: Congratz Paige! An Happy Belated B-day (I wished you happy b-day on the day on twitter :P) (((hugs)))

  9. Happy Birthday but,
    what kind of pet was Miss Beau???

  10. Looks like it was a wonderful party and couldn't have happened to a more wonderful person. All those honors are totally deserved. I too had a surprise birthday party many years ago and those memories still give me the warm fuzzies. I am thrilled for you that so many gather to show you love and to rain back upon you the love you have given. *Huge Chrissy Hugs* Many blessing & giggles on your birthday and on many more to come.


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