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CONGRATULATIONS!!!! To our Time Traveling Winners!!

First off I want to say Thank you to each and every contestant, there were 198 fantastic entries, Wow! Everyone did a wonderful job that the judges had a really hard time.

Here are your winners!

Grand Prize

Cody RavenThorn

Ah-a! The Spell is working!
 My dorm represents the time travel theme, by taking each individual wizard, and sending them all the way back to when you first meet Headmaster Ambrose, and his trusty Pet Owl, Gamma. Right as we signed onto this game for the very first time, we are greeted by these 2, confidently saying that we may just be the one to rescue this fallen spiral from the most wicked evil. We are quickly granted our School of magic, after taking a rather... difficult Exam, and we are off on our own, prepared for a rather Magical Adventure!
I used the Interactive item of Merle Ambrose’s bobble head, because he is the first NPC you will meet in game, if not the most important! I used the Tic-tac-toe O piece, and created a small stand for Gamma, Merle’s trusty companion, to rest his claws on. For my mature plant, I selected the Orange dandelion who guards the door, as to make sure no Malistaire or Morganthe, is to slip into the room and potentially harm the new Wizards. Of course right when you step out of this room, your met with Malistaire, but what do you expect from a potted weed? For a red item, I selected the Ravenwood wall Banner, as it represents the unity of the 7 VERY different Schools of Magic. As you leave the Room, Gamma reminds you to grab the suitcase, sitting near the alter of candles. He tells you that this will be all you need to start your magical training, including your Starter Spell Deck, and Starter Wand. You are Finally ready to begin your Journey through the Spiral!

First Place 
Iridian FrostFlame

Iridian FrostFlame, Science Officer's Log StarDate 27191: We achieved orbit circling the mysterious planet after having been warned off by an ancient alien defense satellite grid. It was no match for our state of the art phaser array. The planet, though, is cold and lifeless. Curious. Addendum: We beamed down to the planet in search of our Ship's Doctor, who had accidentally injected himself with a powerful poison, and in a fit of madness, fled through the transporter. The surface was barren, strewn with rubble, but a strange tic-tac-toe-like circle on the ground activated a glowing portal. The portal spoke to us, calling itself The Guardian, and stated our present, and our future was in peril. Our Doctor had leaped through the portal ..To The Past. And something he had done there had changed our future, our Ship, gone from the sky above. We had to find him and set time straight, or all would be lost. Our Away Team, The Captain, myself and Ensign RedShirt, jumped into the portal, and The Guardian sent us into the past.
Iridian FrostFlame, Science Officer's Log Stardate Unknown: We have found the Doctor in the attic of some sort of half way house but he is still suffering delirium, and will not recover unless we find an antidote. Dandelion, a native flower that grows in abundance may hold the key. Fascinating. While we grow a specimen to it's mature state, I try and jury-rig an old crystal set radio on a basic crafting station to tune into the frequency of The Guardian so that we may finally return to our own time. Until then, a well traveled suitcase of old clothes helps disguise The Captain and I when we venture out during the day as the old bed and couch are the Doctor's only comfort. We have not seen Ensign RedShirt, and fear he is dead.

Second Place 

I Padric, a wizard of no little repute in certain knowledgeable circles, do declare and attest that the images submitted with this missive represent what we firmly believe to be the optimum retreat (in the present time-line of course) of an intrepid adventurer, time-traveler and highly successful wizard, namely myself. While some may be of divergent opinions, any experienced traveler can attest to the fact that the simple knowledge of a safe, familiar and comfortable place of one's own to return to, will help sustain one through many difficult circumstances and adventures. With soft lighting, muted tones, splashes of favored colors, tasteful furnishings, select pieces of art, treasured mementos of past expeditions and one's preferred music playing softly, it is the ideal place to return to, relax and recharge one's energies for a day (or several days) before addressing the mundane but sometimes trying concerns of managing one's many personal contacts, business interests, vast estates and important local affairs. It is unquestionably equally important as a quiet, serene place to mentally prepare oneself for the next series of adventures. The few items specific to time travel are; the crystal ball used for scrying into distant worlds and situations in preparation for specific expeditions, the small cases that hold the exquisitely faceted and meticulously tuned crystals necessary for the time traveling aspect of the apparatus that in combination with the modified teleporter can instantly transport the traveler anywhere, "anywhen" in the Spiral and even far beyond, and the enchanted Gamma bobble head that allows one to report directly and discreetly to Headmaster Ambrose. With the exceptions (and even here great care was taken to enhance the effect of relaxed and comfortable elegance) of the small study area, the large table where necessary final adjustments to the apparatus are made and the ingeniously modified teleporter that makes time-travel possible; the decor is carefully designed to give one a tangible sense of peace, stability and calmness. Even the obligatory weapons on the wall beside the bed, while fully functional and extremely powerful, are in themselves exquisite works of art and craftsmanship. From the playfully affectionate leopard kitten, to the homey glass of cold milk and cookies still warm from the baking, to the hot chocolate waiting to be shared with someone special before a cheerful fire, this room compels one to breath a sigh of contentment and gratefully allow oneself to be gently embraced by it's elegant and comforting charms; the perfect prescription for a successful but weary time-traveling gentleman adventurer.

Third Place
Jonathan DeathShield

Evolution of the Living Room
The ever studious Ravenwood wizard and benevolent Necromancer, Jonathan DeathShield, has taken his love of knowledge to whole new level – three levels to be exact – by using Marleybonian science and Celestian technology to unlock the mysteries of time travel.  Jonathan performs this experiment in his dorm room, where he flips on his time machine to show us the dorm room of the past.  Here we see the outdoor living area where nature’s surroundings offer the creature comforts of home.  As you step through the green teleporter you come to the dorm room of the present, which is nicely decorated with Marleybonian furnishings.   Stepping through the teleporter once more brings you to the dorm room of the future which is richly designed with Celestian antiquities. 
For the objects used, the tic-tac-toe “o” is seen in the first level – set in the past- underneath the drake skull.  It is the remnants of an ancient donut that the drake was eating before it was killed.   There is also the mature boom shroud which is pictured on the first level in the past.  On the second level –set in the present- you have the interactive bonsai tree which is like the evolution of the boom shroud from the past to the present.  The red is well represented in the sofa seating area in the Marleybonian styled lounge.  And lastly, with the suit case, you cannot travel through time without a trusty pair of luggage.

3 Judges Choice Awards

Richard ShadowWalker

The Voyage to the New World
For the time travel theme i thought to use a time when people from europe came across the world to discover the new land,  such as when England had began to conquer the Americas (as it was called that back then).  Finding new creatures and plants that were native to the new land.  Obviously i had created a small portion of what seems to be a ship because back then people couldn't fly or drive, they took a ship to the new land.  Most of the people aboard these ships died because of the cruel and harsh conditions they had to endure.

Diana IcePetal

I’ve finally done it!  After retrieving rare and exotic power sources throughout the spiral, months of study in the Grand Chasm, and by harnessing the explosive energy of the common Boom Shroom, I have successfully crafted an operational DORM ROOM TIME MACHINE!

Valerian DeathStalker

Gone Fishin'
My dorm involves time travel, by taking one of my biggest hopes, of implementing a Fishing system for Wizard101 in the Future! There is a short peer off of the beach, that lurks just above the Celestial Ocean. You select your bait off of the Shelves (which may cost you a few gold pieces) and hook it onto a fishing line, that hangs off of your wand. You CAST (Little pun) your fishing wand, and it whips through the air, with magical sparks that come fall off the line. It plops into the water, and you wait for a tug on the other end. You feel a sudden pull, and quickly real the line in, to see that you have caught a pet Jellyfish! when fishing, you can catch pet snacks, wooden chests, pieces of furniture, reagents, and if your lucky, PETS!

8 Honorable Mentions

Tatiana ShadowFlame

Jenna Mythstrider

Esmee Dreamcloud

Jacob Nighthunter

Malvin Shadowhunter

Scarlet DragonWhisper

Tarlac DayCatcher

Luke FireHeart

15 Random Draws(valid entries only)

Sophia TitanHeart
Morgrim SoulBreaker
Jenna ThunderHeart
Blaine Hexcaller
Maria Moonblossom
Samantha Legendgrove
Ashley Wildstone
Mason MoonMask
Blaine Ravenmancer
Jason Stormcaster
Allan Rainbowheart
Eric Spiritsword
Brian Deathstalker 
David Fireblood
Aaron Bluegrove

All Winners are being notified & Prizes Delivered. All entries will also be receiving a special gift from KingsIsle of 5000 crowns 

Thank you to all the contestants, Judges and KingsIsle.

See you next year ;)

All Winners have been sent their prize codes. All prizes and gifts have been sent out. :)


  1. even thou i didnt win any the big prizes its nice to know that i am going to get a little something for entering 5000 nice little something to get for are troubles thank you every sweet of you rock :)

    1. IKR! Before i entered i didnt know i would be getting a free 5k crowns! thx so much paige!

      ~ sophia titanheart

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  3. I entered the contest but i never got an email with a code for the prize. I thought everyone who entered got a prize.

    1. All prizes and codes were sent to the email that you sent your entry in from.

  4. How do you get the code if you didn't win but you entered the contest.

    1. All prizes and codes were sent to the email that you sent your entry in from.

  5. Does everyone who entered get a prize?

    1. All prizes and codes were sent to the email that you sent your entry in from.

  6. Thank you Paige, that was quite fun. :)

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  8. Thanks Paige for your contest! It was really fun making a dorm! Can't wait for centrals contests! Hope you will be doing some kind of contest for it?

  9. HOORAY! I won an honorable mention! Thanks so much for the other five thousand crowns too! Loved the contest, I'll totally enter another! -Jacob Nighthunter

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    1. Please send a email to I will check and see when I sent it out and resend it to you. :)

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