Friday, July 6, 2012

Dorm Room Decorating 101 Part2

Dragonspyre Ruins

I have not done a decorating segment in a while and with the third year dorm decorating contest coming up Sunday, ;) I thought today would be a great time. I remember the first year I had this contest I went around and started decorating all my dorms to see what I could create. It was really interesting on how much can really be done Inside the walls of that little dorm room. Top image is one I created in that first year, I simply called this room " Dragonspyre Ruins". 

When decorating a dorm room one thing to keep in mind is that item count, you can only place 50 items this includes; gardening , pets and furniture. When you add a garden that pot and plant count as 2 items. If you float items and use mats and such those count too, so in dorms I count all the items I want to use first then start decorating. I'll give a slide show of some of my dorms at end of this segment.

Lets talk about those big items like; fountains, trees and  statues that you really want in your dorm but they take up so much room. You can sink these types of items into your dorm room wall. This is still considered Inside your dorm room but gives you that extra space in the room to add items around it. Let me show you, take this Spire Statue.

Spire Statue

This Statue is huge and you would have much trouble creating a theme with that in the middle of your room, so take these types of items and place them first. Items you will need are; the statue, 1 tatami mat, 1 blue trimmed rug and one tic tac toe board.

Place tatami mat on floor and put statue on it so you only see a tiny corner of the mat. Then take the rug and board and put them together, move only the rug and place where you want the statue to go. Now move only the mat and place statue and mat on board, then move board and rug by only moving the rug, or you can just pick up the rug. Cover mats as needed.


Added touch

I have done many segments on decorating in the past , here are a few to help you on your way.
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I hope this segment helps with all your decorating needs. Until next time,happy house decorating.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade


  1. hey paige i love the slide show

  2. Hey Paige! I know this is an old thread, but i just wanted to share one of my secretes with you (:
    By stacking two tatami mats after placement, you can remove both instead of covering one. very helpful when its hard to covert those dang tatami mat corners! just stack a second onto the original, move away, and pick up! (also conserves item count)


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