Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ship Combat - Pirate101

I know I have been busy with Dorm contest, since the contest is over I can work on more posts.
Pirate101 ship combat image as posted on J Todd Coleman facebook page. Lets take a few minutes and really look at this image.

I see a few things; one being that ships seem to take on damage as you can see both seem to be on fire and smoking. I see targeting and I also see these little green diamond things on the ship. Any Idea what those could be?


  1. Maybe they're little power-ups(if you can move your character on the ship). I'm so excited about the game! I plan on being a buccaneer (Please tell me I spelled it right). What class of pirate do you wanna be?

    ~ Sophia Titanheart

  2. Hmm... Maybe the spots are areas of the ship that are "weak spots", so to speak. Like, if you shoot them, big damage happens. Or maybe it is just crew that are about the ship. BTW Sophia Titanheart you spelled it right. I plan on being a privateer, witchdoctor, or something else that I forgot at the moment. :3


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