Monday, July 2, 2012

Wysteria Villa and New Avalon furniture

Wysteria Villa has made its way to live realm! You can purchase this house by 10k crowns or 100k in game gold. Either way you choose this house is a steal. I had talked about this house while it was in test realm in this topic. I had also gave a few images of the house.  I just bought it cannot wait to start decorating but we will get back to that later on. ;) I do know my theme I will be decorating the house with but I will talk about that when the house is completed. 

We also get new Avalon furniture in the crowned shop. All items are in the image above.

Gold Sword and Shield-1500c / 7500g
Avalon Knight Statue-1500c/ 7500g
Avalon Rose Stained Glass-1000c/5000g
Avalon weapons Rack-750c/ 3750g
Stone Book Pedestal-500c/ 2500g
Avalon Spear Rack-250c/ 1250g

If you are interested in more Avalon furniture more items are being dropped in Avalon. Here is a guide over at Wizard101 Central List of New Avalon Housing Drops. Until next time, happy house decorating.

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  1. The Wysteria house is pretty, but is there anywhere in it big enough for a PBC/EMP garden?

    1. Looks like 2 places. One in the grounds area but dock and one in front of the village. Depending on side of garden.

  2. Autumn EmeraldbreezeJuly 3, 2012 at 5:36 AM

    Nice I love new house items both crown shop ones and the new drops xD hi again btw paige :P

  3. I need some serious cash for all that stuff since I blew all of my money on Avalon gear :P


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