Monday, August 27, 2012

1000 Followers! Wizard101 Twitter trivia

Wizard101 Twitter Trivia

From today August 27th, 2012 through September 10th, 2012 ,You will have a chance to win 1000 crowns, How you ask? 

I just want to say a GREAT BIG Thank you to all my followers you mean so much to me and I just would not know what to do without each of you!! ((hugs))

Twitter Trivia! 

I have  crown codes to give away!!!!  Each code is worth 1000 crowns!

Watch @PaigeMoonShade  Twitter feed from August 27th, 2012 through  September 10th, 2012   for all trivia questions. Be the first to reply with the correct answer.  
All Answers to trivia can be found at or on Wizard101 Central Wiki page.

Do you know your Wizard101 trivia???

How will you receive your code? I will DM( direct message) on twitter after I announce who was the correct winner. Please remember in order for me to be able to DM on twitter you you must be following me.

If you are under the age of 13, please make sure to have your parents or guardians permission.

Please be fair to everyone. You have plenty of chances to win 1000 crowns. You may win twice a day.

Please redeemed all codes at Wizard101 Redeem

Thank you KingsIsle for these wonderful prizes.

Wow I remember this Thank you all so much. (((hugs))

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Player Art Work

 Hey readers check out this amazing art work from  Ashley Level 42 Ice wizard. You can tell she really loves Wizard101.

If you have a fun art work for Wizard101 or Pirate101 Send them to I would love to post your art work.

Your friend
Paige MoonShade

Monday, August 20, 2012

Introducing Perilous Paige Nightingale, Swashbuckler

Perilous Paige Nightingale Started off as Perilous Penelope Nightingale. Penelope just never sat right with me I am Paige. :) After all what is Paige's Page without Paige right? From the very first day I started playing Pirate101 swashbuckler was and still is my favorite Pirate101 class. Along with my trusted companion Bonnie Anne.

Swashbucklers have the most finesse and speed of all classes.

Swashbucklers rely on speed and finesse in combat, sneaking up on their foes and striking by surprise, then dodging the enemy's attacks when they finally arrive. They are deadly with a blade, but not nearly as tough as a Buccaneer, sacrificing toughness for damage.
Let me tell you this is very true. You need to be up close combat fighter to be a Swashbuckler. You have speed and agility to take out many enemies that are around with ease.  My favorite stance for a battle is when my swashbuckler goes critical. She will spin up in the air and take out a enemy with ease.

Bonnie Anne and Sarah Steel are my favorite companions. Bonnie Anne a Musketeer and Sarah Steel A swashbuckler. I also like Old Stratch. I like keep Bonnie in the back of the battle line because she can shoot far distances. Same with Old Stratch . Sarah Steel I like to bring her up next to me we can battle back to back.

Last but not least I want to show this amazing Marleybone Galleon I have this ship is huge and I got a really awesome image while sailing through a stormgate. Hope you all enjoyed meeting Perilous Paige Nightingale Until next time, smooth sailing and happy house decorating.

Your friend
Paige MoonShade

Friday, August 17, 2012

Yohoho! Me Matey's- Say ye want to own a Pirate Hideout?‏

“Note: KingsIsle has provided special permission for me to post on this topic and has asked me to remind everyone that the NDA is still in place.”

That's right we have Pirate hideouts!!

So you want some really cool housing in Pirate101? KingsIsle has granted your wish! Pirate101 has some amazing Pirate hideouts ready for storing all your treasure and gold! In Beta, there are two very different hideouts to explore. The Crow’s Nest and the Buccaneer's Den. Both of these Pirate hideouts have many fun details, including caves, fun room designs, and water features. Each of these houses has their very own dock where you can anchor your Pirate ship in preparation for new adventures. 

The Buccaneer's Den is the bigger of these two island hideouts and has many fun trails to follow up and around to the top of this island. At first glance, you can see where Pirates have shipwrecked on this private island and decided to establish a hideout by building up and out from the wrecked ship.

The Crow’s Nest: Now this is a fun looking house! At first glance you can tell this island is what was left of the top of a wrecked ship -- you can even still see the Crow’s Nest where lookouts would perch themselves on the skyways of The Spiral.

I want to decorate and show all my readers some really fun Pirate themed items that KingsIsle is coming out with: Treasure chests, hammocks, swords, and those most needed skull or royal themed sofas and chairs.

All I can say is KingsIsle has gone out of their way to please all of our housing needs in Pirate101. I can see so many new housing showcases in the future -- Pirate style! So, smooth sailing and happy house decorating.

Your friend
Paige MoonShade/ aka Perilous Paige Nightingale

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Extra Housing Elixir & New Furniture!!

That is right Wizards You can now purchase an extra housing elixir in the crowned shop. This little bottle will allow you to have more houses on one single wizard and is very reasonable for 2500 crowns. Not only do we get this elixir we also get new furniture in which you can pick up for either crowns or in game gold. Here is a list of some of the newest items.

Tower bell
Armor display
Red Fox Chair
Iron fountain
Avalon Gazebo
Avalon Platform
Sword and Rose shield
Melee Weapons
Avalon King Stained Glass
Alavlon King Statue
Table and Benches
Wooden Wagon
Melee Weapons Rack
Avalon Weapons Rack
Avalon Spear rack

I thought I would give you some images to show all my readers how these items look. Some of them I really love.  I cannot wait to start using these pieces in a house, so until next time. Happy house decorating.

Your friend
Paige MoonShade

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

House-a-Palooza!!! ROYAL PLAYHOUSE & More!!

It's House-a-Palooza!!! 

Royal Playhouse. Let me talk about this house a bit. The Wizard City royal playhouse is a fantastic house for those with a big yard , plenty of space for you mounts and pets. There is even a small area in back of house for those who love to have a smaller garden. On the left side of this land area there stands a playhouse which is great for those wizards who want to have that party or a play with a stage in their house or how about a horse stable. ;) There is even a sandy beach and a waterfall!
As we move into the house we find nice size rooms that can be for any use, 3 stories tall! Bottom floor has a out cove that can be for anything such as a music room. Second floor is made up of a landing and one big room. perfect for dinner parties and or a kitchen, hint;). Last but not least we have the top floor small room at the top of spiral stars case. Simply adorable! 

Extra Housing Elixir

1 Six Pack of Teleporters!!!

These prizes come in one single code

This Contest is officially over

That's right wizards you can win a ROYAL PLAYHOUSE , extra housing Elixir and a pack of Teleporters!!! of your very own right here at Paige's Page. I am giving away 10!!! royal playhouses codes. How you ask? It's easy this is a random draw starting today August 14th, 2012 to August 21st, 2012. First drawing will be on August 14th,2012 by 8.00pm central

To enter send a email to Contest@PAIGEMOONSHADE.COM , along with your wizard's in-game name (such as Paige MoonShade) - (or list them all in one email). Do Not send your account name and never ever ever send your password. This is all you need ' Your Wizard name' and you will be entered to the random draw. No need to send more than one email your name will just be re-entered into each days drawing. 

Enter early for more chances to win!! 

Once you win a prize your name will be removed from drawing list for future drawings for this contest. 

All winners will be posted in this topic Before 8:00PM central US the day of each drawing and prize sent out. 

How many drawings per day? 

One winner each day. 
August 14th--Katherine Dragonwhisper
August 15th--Malorn Fireheart
August 16th--Victoria Unicornblossom
August 17th-- Destiny Deathcaller
August 18th--Joseph Lionthorn
August 19th--Kaitlyn Lifeheart
August 20th--Finnigan Lifemender


August 21st--3 Winners!
---Ashley ShadowThief
---Samantha Dreamer
---Michael Lifecrafter

Good luck everyone!!!

Special thank you to Kingsisle for these wonderful prizes.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Want to Win a Pirate101 Beta Key? Twitter Trivia

From today August 13th, 2012 through August 17th, 2012 ,You will have a chance to win Your very own Pirate101 Beta Key!!!! How you ask?
This contest is now over congratulations to all beta key winners!!

Twitter Trivia! 

I have 25 Beta keys to give away!!!!

Watch @PaigeMoonShade  Twitter feed from August 13th, 2012 through August 17th, 2012  for all trivia questions. Be the first to reply with the correct answer.  
All Answers to trivia can be found at or on Pirate101 facebook page.

Do you know your pirate101 trivia???

How will you receive your code? I will DM( direct message) on twitter after I announce who was the correct winner. Please remember in order for me to be able to DM on twitter you you must be following me.

If you are under the age of 13, please make sure to have your parents or guardians permission.

Please you may only win one Beta key to be fair to everyone. 

Please redeemed all codes at Pirate101 Redeem

Thank you KingsIsle for these wonderful prizes.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Pirate101 Enters Closed Beta!

KingsIsle announces Pirate101 Closed beta begins!!!
Pirate101 press release announced that the first set of beta keys have been mailed out. Pirate101 will go live at a later date this year. If you want to be considered for your very own beta key please check out It's Beta Time Matey! to sign up.

Want more information on Pirate101 check out these links; Pirate101 Facebook , AMD gaming Facebook , and AMD game blog.

I can tell you Pirate101 is a fun filled family game that I have been playing to its fullest. I know everyone will love to play this amazing new game from KingsIsle. Hope to see you in the skyways!!!

Paige MoonShade

Ravenwood Monthly Newsletter

August 2012 Ravenwood bulletin comes with many new surprises. Players will soon be able to venture into test realm and test new pet leveling, Mega pet talent slots. 2 New pet games are going to be added;
Gobblers Game and Way of the Ninja Pig Game. New Potions for pet hatching 

Hatching Elixir: This will hatch all the eggs you currently have in your backpack.
Purreau's Potion #9: This will reset your hatching timer and allow you to hatch two pets immediately.
These potions are Crowns only as they shortcut time in the game.
Player vs Player Matching Changes also new rewards for arena tickets;
Player vs Player team match formulas will now rely more heavily on the level of the Wizards. This should greatly reduce uneven team matching and prevent "puppet teams". 

We have also made changes that will reduce the time you have to wait for a match to be made, both in the Player vs Player Ranked Matches as well as in the Pet Derby matches.

 A Message from Mr Lincoln

A few things to note about the chatting in Wizard101: 
You can't change your date of birth. If you entered an incorrect date of birth when you first registered, we're sorry for the inconvenience. It's a non-editable (nor is it edible) field. 

Filtered chat - you must have made a purchase with a valid CREDIT CARD to move an account from menu chat to filtered chat (yes, it's Federal law (COPPA to be exact) and no, we're not going to mess with the Feds just because you accidentally put in the wrong date of birth (see #1)). 

Open chat requires having an account over the age of 18 years old. Period. No exceptions and no miracle aging cures allowed! 

Having Open chat does NOT allow you to see the ". . ." of misspelled words being said by a Filtered chatter - it's not the Rosetta Stone of chat options. 

Typing around the chat filters &/or having Open chat does NOT excuse you from the Terms of Use. There's no "First Amendment" in the Spiral. You don't have the right to be harassing, rude, crude or an otherwise uncouth louse. Having type chat is a privilege, not a right. As a mature player capable of handling the responsibility, we presume you already know that.
KI Free Games Codes
Just a reminder that all codes won from before July 19th are now expired. Also, don't delay redeeming any new codes you earn since these codes will now expire 24 hours after earning them!

To find out more about these new things to come check out  Ravenwood Bullentin .
Now lets talk about to school , have you checked out the Zazzle store?  Wizard101 has some really great school binders there, What child would not want to walk around with Greyrose all day? I know if I were still in school I sure would. :) Until next time.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade

Prospector Zeke in Pirate101

J Todd Coleman  announced on Facebook that our favorite Prospector would still be traveling the spiral in Pirate101. You will be able to receive those most needed training points to help your Pirate along the way to becoming the best Pirate you can be. So what things do you think Zeke will be having us look for?