Monday, August 20, 2012

Introducing Perilous Paige Nightingale, Swashbuckler

Perilous Paige Nightingale Started off as Perilous Penelope Nightingale. Penelope just never sat right with me I am Paige. :) After all what is Paige's Page without Paige right? From the very first day I started playing Pirate101 swashbuckler was and still is my favorite Pirate101 class. Along with my trusted companion Bonnie Anne.

Swashbucklers have the most finesse and speed of all classes.

Swashbucklers rely on speed and finesse in combat, sneaking up on their foes and striking by surprise, then dodging the enemy's attacks when they finally arrive. They are deadly with a blade, but not nearly as tough as a Buccaneer, sacrificing toughness for damage.
Let me tell you this is very true. You need to be up close combat fighter to be a Swashbuckler. You have speed and agility to take out many enemies that are around with ease.  My favorite stance for a battle is when my swashbuckler goes critical. She will spin up in the air and take out a enemy with ease.

Bonnie Anne and Sarah Steel are my favorite companions. Bonnie Anne a Musketeer and Sarah Steel A swashbuckler. I also like Old Stratch. I like keep Bonnie in the back of the battle line because she can shoot far distances. Same with Old Stratch . Sarah Steel I like to bring her up next to me we can battle back to back.

Last but not least I want to show this amazing Marleybone Galleon I have this ship is huge and I got a really awesome image while sailing through a stormgate. Hope you all enjoyed meeting Perilous Paige Nightingale Until next time, smooth sailing and happy house decorating.

Your friend
Paige MoonShade


  1. BEAUTIFUL Galleon, Paige! Still working on my naut level to get mine - that's quite an accomplishment!

  2. Elizabeth GoldenThistleAugust 21, 2012 at 5:24 PM

    Hi Paige!

    I saw you in beta!

  3. where do u get that ship!?!

  4. I am getting close as well

  5. Excuse me Paige, I would like to know if there is a Polarian galleon in the crown shop. Could you give me the info on galleons in the crown shop with also prices?


  6. it wont let me go anything at the tutorial what do i do???

    1. I do not understand the question. If you are experiencing a bug please check out the message boards. Also report it to Pirate101 bugs

      Here is the message board

      You will have to log in to post. You are only allowed to log in if you have used your beta key.


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