Friday, August 3, 2012

Ravenwood Monthly Newsletter

August 2012 Ravenwood bulletin comes with many new surprises. Players will soon be able to venture into test realm and test new pet leveling, Mega pet talent slots. 2 New pet games are going to be added;
Gobblers Game and Way of the Ninja Pig Game. New Potions for pet hatching 

Hatching Elixir: This will hatch all the eggs you currently have in your backpack.
Purreau's Potion #9: This will reset your hatching timer and allow you to hatch two pets immediately.
These potions are Crowns only as they shortcut time in the game.
Player vs Player Matching Changes also new rewards for arena tickets;
Player vs Player team match formulas will now rely more heavily on the level of the Wizards. This should greatly reduce uneven team matching and prevent "puppet teams". 

We have also made changes that will reduce the time you have to wait for a match to be made, both in the Player vs Player Ranked Matches as well as in the Pet Derby matches.

 A Message from Mr Lincoln

A few things to note about the chatting in Wizard101: 
You can't change your date of birth. If you entered an incorrect date of birth when you first registered, we're sorry for the inconvenience. It's a non-editable (nor is it edible) field. 

Filtered chat - you must have made a purchase with a valid CREDIT CARD to move an account from menu chat to filtered chat (yes, it's Federal law (COPPA to be exact) and no, we're not going to mess with the Feds just because you accidentally put in the wrong date of birth (see #1)). 

Open chat requires having an account over the age of 18 years old. Period. No exceptions and no miracle aging cures allowed! 

Having Open chat does NOT allow you to see the ". . ." of misspelled words being said by a Filtered chatter - it's not the Rosetta Stone of chat options. 

Typing around the chat filters &/or having Open chat does NOT excuse you from the Terms of Use. There's no "First Amendment" in the Spiral. You don't have the right to be harassing, rude, crude or an otherwise uncouth louse. Having type chat is a privilege, not a right. As a mature player capable of handling the responsibility, we presume you already know that.
KI Free Games Codes
Just a reminder that all codes won from before July 19th are now expired. Also, don't delay redeeming any new codes you earn since these codes will now expire 24 hours after earning them!

To find out more about these new things to come check out  Ravenwood Bullentin .
Now lets talk about to school , have you checked out the Zazzle store?  Wizard101 has some really great school binders there, What child would not want to walk around with Greyrose all day? I know if I were still in school I sure would. :) Until next time.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade

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