Friday, August 17, 2012

Yohoho! Me Matey's- Say ye want to own a Pirate Hideout?‏

“Note: KingsIsle has provided special permission for me to post on this topic and has asked me to remind everyone that the NDA is still in place.”

That's right we have Pirate hideouts!!

So you want some really cool housing in Pirate101? KingsIsle has granted your wish! Pirate101 has some amazing Pirate hideouts ready for storing all your treasure and gold! In Beta, there are two very different hideouts to explore. The Crow’s Nest and the Buccaneer's Den. Both of these Pirate hideouts have many fun details, including caves, fun room designs, and water features. Each of these houses has their very own dock where you can anchor your Pirate ship in preparation for new adventures. 

The Buccaneer's Den is the bigger of these two island hideouts and has many fun trails to follow up and around to the top of this island. At first glance, you can see where Pirates have shipwrecked on this private island and decided to establish a hideout by building up and out from the wrecked ship.

The Crow’s Nest: Now this is a fun looking house! At first glance you can tell this island is what was left of the top of a wrecked ship -- you can even still see the Crow’s Nest where lookouts would perch themselves on the skyways of The Spiral.

I want to decorate and show all my readers some really fun Pirate themed items that KingsIsle is coming out with: Treasure chests, hammocks, swords, and those most needed skull or royal themed sofas and chairs.

All I can say is KingsIsle has gone out of their way to please all of our housing needs in Pirate101. I can see so many new housing showcases in the future -- Pirate style! So, smooth sailing and happy house decorating.

Your friend
Paige MoonShade/ aka Perilous Paige Nightingale


  1. Nice paige! And ye didnt invite me!? ;D

  2. Hi Paige! This is exciting! Will you be decorating and giving us a better preview of the hideouts? Sometimes I think I like my houses better than the game play itself, LOL. Thanks!

  3. YO HO HO! this be the best idea! but will our ships count as our "dorm room"? please inform us with the details

  4. Awesome! How do we find out more? I want one!!

    1. Right now Pirate101 is in closed beta. What would you like to find out?


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