Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pirate101 Crow's Nest! Decorated

I have been decorating my Crows nest house in Pirate101. I wanted to show my followers some really great decorations Kingsisle are coming out with. Lets start with the outside. Cannons Not just pet cannon style but real looking cannons. I took these cannons and placed them around the barrier of my island as to keep out any unwanted Pirates trying to get to me treasures. ;) Not only does Pirate101 have really great statues and totems they also have these amazing plants and flowers I have been wanting for so very long. On to inside

Once inside tatered rug makes for a interesting  look along with this really awesome looking skull island  style chair and sofa. Barrel tables, interesting wall hanging and great sword and misc items such as a Map with a sword in it to place on the tables for those much needed details to complete any Pirate101 Hideout.

Upstairs in the top of the crows nest is a smaller room , seems to be like a Captains room of the ship. I used this area for the bunk room. Kingsisle has added some really great bunk style beds; a hammock which I had gotten from my bunk house( Dorm room style first housing), treasure chests and this really great looking practice dummy.

Another area of this house is down below the actual house. This area is a really great looking cave effect I added some tents and these tents are fantastic looking. The canvas seems to just drape of the frames giving a really unique feel added some fire and there we have it a campsite. I do hope everyone enjoyed this Pirate101 decorating post as much as i did decorating it.  Until next time, happy house decorating and smooth sailing.

Your friend
Paige MoonShade

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  1. great setup you have here, you must come and see My daughter and myself island getaway. Please msg me on pirates 101 coty125 my char name is merciless cody jordan


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