Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

A Wizardly Pirate Halloween 
Wizards, Pirates, ghouls, and sprites,
Nightshade and Deacon are out tonight;
Casting spells and in the skyways they fly,
Happy Halloween is what Paige MoonShade Cries.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mini Update-Pirate101

Ahoy Pirates!
  Where am I in Pirate101? I am in the Valley of the Titans trying to complete the stormzilla quest, though it is giving me much issues. I am decorating the Castaways Cove which comes in the cutthroat bundle. I have to say this is a very unique house. Image above. I really like the structure of this house. I am very sorry for the poor quality of the image my good video card went out so I am on a temp until I can get one in November. 

I have been working on my other Pirates most are up to level 6 now and are in Jonah Town. I still need my Witchdoctors there. All of my Pirates are coming along. My Perilous Paige owns 11 ships now , yeah I know , how many do I need right? I just cannot seem to sell them. I am hoping one day to be able to decorate the inside of them. Well that is it for today. Until next time, happy house decorating.

Your friend
Paige MoonShade aka Perilous Paige

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Test realm Is Open!!

It time to start your adventures in test realm travel to Azteca!! This world is beautiful beyond belief! After talking to Cyrus drake he sends you to Marleybone from there you end up in a battle at the Wizard's house. After a few more quests you talk to Ambrose and he sends you on your way.

Of course first things I look for are Zeke, furniture, mounts and pets. Well I found the furniture!! Here are a couple images of the pieces I was able to purchase I cannot wait to all Wizards see this amazing stuff. The plants just made my day and look at the new style of rock and fencing. Until next time,happy house decorating.

Your friend
Paige MoonShade

Azteca Soon to hit test realm!

Looks like Kingsisle has done it again with their newest addition about to hit test realm! Azteca a world of Dinosuars will soon hit test realm. Players will be able to level to 90 new spells for each school plus new astral spells. Azteca will aslo come with all new pets and mounts for that dinosaur fell. To read more on this newest world coming to Wizard101 test realm check out these links:

Wizard101 invites us to the dinosaur world of Azteca

Wizard101 Previews: Still Going Strong – Azteca Announced

Wizard101 goes Jurassic with Azteca, an all new world to explore

I know I for one cannot wait to see this jungle filled world! See you in test realm.

Paige MoonShade

Monday, October 22, 2012

Mini update

Greetings Wizards,

I am working very hard on getting my second spring gardening spell,  just a bit more and Ill have it. Have many plants at elder in my Wizard university house. I cannot wait to post about it , though would look awful funny with ghost plants everywhere. I am also getting  wizards through Avalon that have not gotten through it yet. Hope everyone is enjoying all the Halloween contests. I am also playing my Perilous Paige through Pirate101 and decorating houses there.  Until next time, happy house decorating.

Your friend
Paige MoonShade

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Create a Flag Winners!!!

Here are you create flag winners Congratulations to everyone !! Judges had a really hard time everyone made such great flags. When done Pirates , well done. All prize codes have been sent out.
Kiley Diamonds 

James Chef flag

DaVaughn Black cat

Amanda Food :)
 The judges were so split with votes on these last winners. We decided to give them all 1000 crowns. 6 Winners!

Michelle Flower

Mark Sword and bone

Alissa Witchdoctor

Alex Turtle

Cody Bats and stars

Jonathan Angry Birds

Monday, October 15, 2012

Fan art

 James DragonCatcher Sent in this really great picture of Ambrose! Thank you James :)

The Nightmare Pack is Back!

Halloween is back in the spiral and that means so is your favorite hoard pack is back in the crowned shop! Only 299 crowns can get you chances at this new Nightrunner mount and more more new items such as; Dead Beets seed, Penumbra Drake pet and Cloudstrider Pegasus mount!

Pirate101 Launch Day

As Kingsisle launches their next game "Pirate101" today I begin to think back about all the trails and changes of each stage of the game. I remember the first time I stepped into Pirate101 knowing that very second Kingsisle had another winner on their hands. I remember from being a few players to now thousands! I can see millions players enjoying Pirate101.

All I could ever think of is, Wow! This is such an amazing honor to be able to go through all the trails/tests and updates with Kingsisle. I got to watch the game grow truly an amazing experience, one I will never forget.

Thank you so much to Fred Howard for allowing me this honor.
Paige MoonShade

Check out this Amazing Pirate101 Fan Art from AluraB

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Halloween Dorm Decorating Winners!!

Congratulations Halloween dorm contest winners!!! 
First off I want to say that all dorms that came in were brilliantly decorated. Here are your top ten in no particular order. Congratulations everyone. All Prizes have been sent via entry of email.
Kiera FireBlade

Julia StormFlame

Juan Lotushammer

Kiley FairyRiver

Nathan lifestalker

Chris WildFlower

Darby Willowsong

Valdus Nightthorn

Fiona Dreamer

Luke FireHeart

I Want to be a Pirate-Create a Flag Contest

Do you want to be a Pirate?
Want to win your very own Pirate101 bundle?
Create a Flag

The first thing any Pirate needs is their flag to sail the skyways here is your chance to show off some creativity by creating your very own Pirate101 Flag. From Now October 9,2012 to October 19,2012. You only have 10 days!!

Contest is now Closed

* Create a Pirate101 flag by using any kind of physical art medium. Can be construction paper, felt cardboard, clay, material or even food. Any type of art constructive medium. It must be constructed not drawn.
* You may paint/color your creation.
* Take a picture of your art work add a piece of paper with date and your first name only such as; Paige Oct 9th 2012
* Email entry to Contest@PAIGEMOONSHADE.COM . Please remember you must have your piece of paper with name and date taken with picture.
* Title of email needs to read Create a Flag contest
* Please remember flags need to be rated E for everyone
* All Entries must be in by Oct 19,2012  6pm Central time
* If you are under the age of 13 please have your parents or guardians permission.
* Please ask all questions on this post only
* Please redeem bundle codes at Pirate101 Redeem Code

Winners will be posted in a new Pirate101 blog post by October 22,2012 6pm central. 
All prize codes will be sent via email of winning entry.


2 Winners
Boochbeard Bundle

2 winners
Cutthroat Bundles

3 winners
1000 crowns

Make it a family project!!
Have your family help you. See how much fun it can be for you and your family to create a Pirate flag together.

Things that are fun and might help with icons.

Good Luck everyone!!!
I want to see a big Thank you to Kingsisle for the prizes

Bundles come with Crowns not subscription

Boochbeard Bundle items: 
·         5K Crowns
·         Skarakeet Pet
·         Volcano Island House
·         Parrot Mount
·         Cat Pirate Companion
·         Dread Pirate's Outfit
·         Ruby Slicer Weapon

Cutthroat Bundle Items:
·         5K Crowns
·         Sharktooth Ship (with bonus Sharktooth Figurehead!)
·         Cutthroat Outfit
·         Skullcutter Cutlass
·         Shark Companion
·         Castaway Island

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pirate101 Beta party! Thank you all.

First off I want to thank Stephen at Piecesofeight radio for live streaming this amazing event. I want to thank Kingisle for the great honor of being able to test so much throughout the many levels of game creation. Truly an honor and eye opening experience and touched my heart is so many ways you could never imagine. I have many images from the beta party so lets get to it.

Look at all those Pirate!


Phule mask!

Almost done!

10 minutes

2 minutes warning!!!

Thank you all so much for coming. See all ye pirates Monday in the skyways!!

Perilous Paige

Friday, October 5, 2012

End of Beta Party!

As beta comes to a close this Saturday, October 6th at 5:00pm US Central .I would love to invite all Beta players to our very last party! Let's Show Kingsisle our support and throw one of the biggest parties they have seen to close out beta!!

Let's all meet 
Avery realm
Avery Court
2pm central until they kick us out! at 5pm central
We can party till they close the doors!

Let's show Kingsisle how much we truly love being in beta and support them in every way!!
Hope to see you!!
Perilous Paige

Pirate101 Sneak Peek -Review

Yesterday Kingsisle had this amazing Sneak peek for all to get to play Pirate101 and let me tell you players were out in force! I had such a blast getting to talk to so many. The picture above was taken inside Avery's Office were all Pirates start their very first quest.

I decided to sit outside Avery's Office at one time just to watch the reactions as players came out of the building. The best reaction I saw from the whole day was this O: That says it all because that is exactly how I felt the very first time I walked out of Avery's Office. Some other reactions were; WOW, This is awesome, Wicked and OMG. I can tell you I felt every single one of these reactions the very first time I saw Pirate101. There were so many Pirates we had Avery realm full to the rim and falling into Blind Mew realm.  Most Pirates I talked to were saying they could not wait till the game launched. 

Picture taken by John

At one point I decided to take to the skyways There were so many ships in the skyway I was having so much fun I forgot to snap a shot of this one time where there were so many ships in one spot it looked like we were building our very own Flotsam. If anyone got a picture of this please send it to I would love to add it to this post. I want to give a great big BRAVO! to Kingsisle for another fantastic game to add to their Wizard101! The 8th will begin our adventure for the head start week and launch is scheduled for October 15,2012. Hope see you in the Skyways!

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade/ Perilous Paige

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pirate101 Sneak Peek Event!

Come Play Pirate101 With Us!
Kingsisle is putting Beta on hold and inviting everyone in to Pirate101 for a few hours (2:00pm to 8:00 pm US Central) on Thursday, October 4th, 2012! It’s a special public sneak peek of Pirate101.

That’s right! Instructions
1. Login to now and download the game installer early -- note that you will not be able to update and launch the game until 2:00 pm US Central on October 4th 2012.
2. Login between 2:00 and 8:00 pm US Central Time on October 4th and play as much as you want for free!
3. At 8:00 pm US Central, we will take our servers offline and return the game to a state where only Closed Beta players have access.
4. Uninstall Pirate101 until our official launch date on October 15th.
5. If you want to keep playing in the Closed Beta or during the one week Head Start beginning October 8th, see our pre-sale bundle page for more information.

Special Notes
Access MAY be limited – so check back here for more details and updates on availability!
As a reminder, all characters will be deleted before the game launches.
This is not considered Closed Beta Access. And therefore no Beta rewards will be given to those who only play the game during the Sneak Peek event

This information is found Here

So come play! I know Perilous Paige will be there,will you?.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Avast! Me Mateys , Pirate101 is ready to set sail!

Are ye ready to set sails?  Kingsisle is ready to launch it's newest addition to it's family friendly,free to play games. Starting on Oct 8th all players who purchased their prelaunch bundles will begin their one week head start as Pirate101 gets closer to it's announced launch date on Oct 15,2012. 

For more information check out some of these great articles:

Shiver Me Timbers! Pirate101 Has A Launch Date 

Aaargh! KingsIsle Entertainment’s Pirate101 online game world to launch as early as Oct. 8

KingsIsle plans second game release this month

I can tell you from experience Pirate101 is so much fun. What family would not love to take a pirate adventure with your children. You can allow your child/family to sail beside you on their very own ship or you can travel with them on theirs. Hope to see you in the skyways!


IGN is giving away 10 Pirate101 bundles that include 60,000 crowns! To enter, leave a pirate themed Haiku comment at:
Giveaway: Pirate101

Good luck everyone!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Welcome to October Fall Festivals & Contests!

Wizards101 fansites will have have some special prizes to give away!!! Myself I am going to have a few different contests this month. So let us begin!!

My first contest will be to Decorate your Dorm in a Halloween theme. Simple enough?

*Take one and only one screen *make sure you have the best view you can get* 
*Send it to email. With email title Dorm Decorating
*Send your ingame Wizard name with your entry.
* All entries for this decorating contest must be in by no later than October 8th 6 pm central. Winners will be announced the 10th by 6pm central in a new blog post.
* Floating is allowed but you must stay within the walls of your dorm room.

(What?! 8 days! That is right Wizards this is decorating on the spot! I want to see how fast you can come up with the best looking Halloween themed dorm room)
This contest is now over winners will be post by Oct 10 2012
10 winners!!
Each winner will recieve;
1-Death House & Additional Castle Elixir
1- Random Halloween themed pack
1-5000 crowns
 Next up I will be having a MAJOR! random draw. Why do I say major?
From October 1,2012 - October 28, 2012 

This contest is now over

To enter send a email to Contest@PAIGEMOONSHADE.COM , along with your wizard's in-game name (such as Paige MoonShade) . When entering this drawing please make sure to add Random Draw contest to your email.

Enter early for more chances to win!! 

Once you win a prize your name will be removed from drawing list for future drawings for this contest. You only need to send your name in once it will be re-entered each day.

All winners will be posted in this topic Before 5:00PM central US the day of each drawing and prize sent out. 
Prizes will be random-Random prizes are
Spider Pack
Graveyard Pack
Halloween Decorating pack
5000 Crowns
*Sorry these prizes are mixed up I do not know which is which.

Daily Drawing Winners 2 per day

Ryan StormCaster - Destiny MistShard
Tavia RainGarden - Chris DrakeFlame
Cheyenne Dragonrider - Allan RainbowHeart
AndrewShadowBlade - Katherine NightSong
Roslyn Silvertalon - Samuel Ashhorn
Jordan Shadowstaff - Justin seablade
James DragonCatcher - Amber GoldGem 
Kayla StormHunter - Nicole Dreamweaver 
James Darkblade - Blaze Shadowhorn
Chelsea DeathSong - Brooke Summersword
Tara Dragon - Michael Hawk
Sierra IceStaff - Tavia Fireflower 
Diana Icepetal - Aaron StarHeart
Jasmine GhostSoul - Tasha Sparkleheart
Edward Lifegem - Scarlet Flame
Nicholas StormCloud - Abigail PearlPyre
Fallon Ravenshade - Jack Dragonshield
Duncan StormThief - Jack Frost
Alia storm - Michelle Mooncatcher
Angel GreenBright - Alexandra Stormbringer
Luke Skywalker - Fiona Shadowsong
Ian StormStaff - Micheal Iceblood
Alicia DarkRider - Tabitha LegendRider
Chase MoonBreeze - Tatiana Shadowflame
Jason Goldriver - Chelsea Dragonshade
Kenneth Goldenmender - Amber Firesword
Fred Boom - Natalie Rose
Arlen Sanddust - Ryan Duskglade

If you are under the age of 13 please make sure you have your Parents or Guardians permission.
 Do Not send your account name and never ever ever send your password. This is all you need ' Your Wizard name' and you will be entered to the random draw. No need to send more than one email your name will just be re-entered into each days drawing. 

Please use redeem all codes Here. All codes will expire at the end of 2012.

Yes you may enter both contests, no more than one entry per contest.

Thank you Kingsisle for these amazing Halloween prizes.

Good Luck everyone!!!
Welcome to the House of Doom!
October 5th and 19th I will be hosting 1 party 1 tour date in the House of Doom. This haunted fun house has both mini games in one big maze! Beware though the house gets hungry and likes to keep it's guests. During the party you may be able to win a random Halloween pack for winning a mini game. How do you get to the party?

October 5th party will last 2-3 hours. October 19th tour has been canceled.

Where: Golem Court
Realm: Ghoul area 1
Time: 6:00 pm central
 * Realm might be subject to change, if needed will post update at @paigemoonshade twitter 
* Prizes will be awarded through twitter direct messages.
*4pm pst-6pm central-7pm estern
BEWARE!!! The House of Doom loves to keep it's victim! Muahahahhaha.
If you cannot get in, please be patient. There will be many tours during this 3 hours.

October 5th Party was a huge hit! Here is a image of this party
Scariest house ever ELFS!

Packs include
Spider Pack
1 Spider Altar
1 Spider Porringer
1 Spider Table
1 Spider Egg Sac
1 Spider Chalice
1 Spider Vase
1 Spider Vessel
1 Webbed Haunted Imperial Shrine
1 Webbed Haunted Monk Shrine
1 Webbed Haunted Samoorai Shrine
Graveyard Pack
1 Pointed Grave
1 Arched Grave
1 Angled Gravemarker
1 Elephant Gravestone
1 Crossbone Gravestone
1 Zafaria Graveyard Theme
1 Graveyard Tree
1 Customizable Gravestone Sign
1 Slanted Grave
1 Tall Grave

Halloween Decorating Pack
1 Halloween Cauldron
1 Pumpkin
1 Fat Pumpkin
1 Tall Pumpkin
1 Ghost Doodle Stand
1 Ghoul Doodle Stand
1 Scarecrow Doodle Stand
1 Vampire Doodle Stand
1 Witch Doodle Stand
1 Witchdoctor Cauldron
1 Witchdoctor Mask