Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Avast! Me Mateys , Pirate101 is ready to set sail!

Are ye ready to set sails?  Kingsisle is ready to launch it's newest addition to it's family friendly,free to play games. Starting on Oct 8th all players who purchased their prelaunch bundles will begin their one week head start as Pirate101 gets closer to it's announced launch date on Oct 15,2012. 

For more information check out some of these great articles:

Shiver Me Timbers! Pirate101 Has A Launch Date 

Aaargh! KingsIsle Entertainment’s Pirate101 online game world to launch as early as Oct. 8

KingsIsle plans second game release this month

I can tell you from experience Pirate101 is so much fun. What family would not love to take a pirate adventure with your children. You can allow your child/family to sail beside you on their very own ship or you can travel with them on theirs. Hope to see you in the skyways!


IGN is giving away 10 Pirate101 bundles that include 60,000 crowns! To enter, leave a pirate themed Haiku comment at:
Giveaway: Pirate101

Good luck everyone!!

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