Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Azteca Soon to hit test realm!

Looks like Kingsisle has done it again with their newest addition about to hit test realm! Azteca a world of Dinosuars will soon hit test realm. Players will be able to level to 90 new spells for each school plus new astral spells. Azteca will aslo come with all new pets and mounts for that dinosaur fell. To read more on this newest world coming to Wizard101 test realm check out these links:

Wizard101 invites us to the dinosaur world of Azteca

Wizard101 Previews: Still Going Strong – Azteca Announced

Wizard101 goes Jurassic with Azteca, an all new world to explore

I know I for one cannot wait to see this jungle filled world! See you in test realm.

Paige MoonShade

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