Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Halloween Dorm Decorating Winners!!

Congratulations Halloween dorm contest winners!!! 
First off I want to say that all dorms that came in were brilliantly decorated. Here are your top ten in no particular order. Congratulations everyone. All Prizes have been sent via entry of email.
Kiera FireBlade

Julia StormFlame

Juan Lotushammer

Kiley FairyRiver

Nathan lifestalker

Chris WildFlower

Darby Willowsong

Valdus Nightthorn

Fiona Dreamer

Luke FireHeart


  1. this was a fun contest i love decorating :D

  2. Congratz Luke F., Valdus N. and Fiona D. Glad you guys won x)

  3. Thank you so much Paige for giving me 1000 crowns for entering!! :))) All my work was worth something in the end :D!!

  4. ty soooo much for this contest i've already spent all the crowns and started decorating the death house and it very unbelievable that me and 2 of my friends fiona and luke won in this contest

    chris wildflower

  5. I am very proud of the top ten winners and even though I wasn't one of them, I am grateful to win 1000 crowns for entering. I had fun and cant wait until the next contest for Dorm decorating.


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