Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I Want to be a Pirate-Create a Flag Contest

Do you want to be a Pirate?
Want to win your very own Pirate101 bundle?
Create a Flag

The first thing any Pirate needs is their flag to sail the skyways here is your chance to show off some creativity by creating your very own Pirate101 Flag. From Now October 9,2012 to October 19,2012. You only have 10 days!!

Contest is now Closed

* Create a Pirate101 flag by using any kind of physical art medium. Can be construction paper, felt cardboard, clay, material or even food. Any type of art constructive medium. It must be constructed not drawn.
* You may paint/color your creation.
* Take a picture of your art work add a piece of paper with date and your first name only such as; Paige Oct 9th 2012
* Email entry to Contest@PAIGEMOONSHADE.COM . Please remember you must have your piece of paper with name and date taken with picture.
* Title of email needs to read Create a Flag contest
* Please remember flags need to be rated E for everyone
* All Entries must be in by Oct 19,2012  6pm Central time
* If you are under the age of 13 please have your parents or guardians permission.
* Please ask all questions on this post only
* Please redeem bundle codes at Pirate101 Redeem Code

Winners will be posted in a new Pirate101 blog post by October 22,2012 6pm central. 
All prize codes will be sent via email of winning entry.


2 Winners
Boochbeard Bundle

2 winners
Cutthroat Bundles

3 winners
1000 crowns

Make it a family project!!
Have your family help you. See how much fun it can be for you and your family to create a Pirate flag together.

Things that are fun and might help with icons.

Good Luck everyone!!!
I want to see a big Thank you to Kingsisle for the prizes

Bundles come with Crowns not subscription

Boochbeard Bundle items: 
·         5K Crowns
·         Skarakeet Pet
·         Volcano Island House
·         Parrot Mount
·         Cat Pirate Companion
·         Dread Pirate's Outfit
·         Ruby Slicer Weapon

Cutthroat Bundle Items:
·         5K Crowns
·         Sharktooth Ship (with bonus Sharktooth Figurehead!)
·         Cutthroat Outfit
·         Skullcutter Cutlass
·         Shark Companion
·         Castaway Island


Please make sure to have your Pirate or Wizard name attached to your question. I will answer these question as soon as possible.

Sorry any players who stays anonymous or unknown will no longer be posted or answered. Your wizard or pirate's name is required.

Thank you.
Paige MoonShade