Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mini Update-Pirate101

Ahoy Pirates!
  Where am I in Pirate101? I am in the Valley of the Titans trying to complete the stormzilla quest, though it is giving me much issues. I am decorating the Castaways Cove which comes in the cutthroat bundle. I have to say this is a very unique house. Image above. I really like the structure of this house. I am very sorry for the poor quality of the image my good video card went out so I am on a temp until I can get one in November. 

I have been working on my other Pirates most are up to level 6 now and are in Jonah Town. I still need my Witchdoctors there. All of my Pirates are coming along. My Perilous Paige owns 11 ships now , yeah I know , how many do I need right? I just cannot seem to sell them. I am hoping one day to be able to decorate the inside of them. Well that is it for today. Until next time, happy house decorating.

Your friend
Paige MoonShade aka Perilous Paige


  1. Paige dear the Volcano Island comes with boochbeard bundle. castaway cove is in crown shop

    1. I got both the volocano and Castaways Cove from bundles . Volcanco from boochbeard and the castaways cove from the cutthroat.The ones in the crowned shop
      Castaway refuse and Buccaneers Den

  2. You can sell the ships; you just have to make sure you un equip all the equiptment

    1. Oh I know but why would i want to sell the ships? I want to show them all off :)


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