Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pirate101 Beta party! Thank you all.

First off I want to thank Stephen at Piecesofeight radio for live streaming this amazing event. I want to thank Kingisle for the great honor of being able to test so much throughout the many levels of game creation. Truly an honor and eye opening experience and touched my heart is so many ways you could never imagine. I have many images from the beta party so lets get to it.

Look at all those Pirate!


Phule mask!

Almost done!

10 minutes

2 minutes warning!!!

Thank you all so much for coming. See all ye pirates Monday in the skyways!!

Perilous Paige


  1. I loved the party, it was so fun!
    Hey Page, could you add my blog to your Pirate101 bloggers club? I would add yours in my Pirate Mateys section.

    Thanks for all!

    1. Could you send you blog to my email.

  2. could i use the pictures that Kelsey Fireheart has, i won't just print it, but use it as a guide?

    1. Sorry I am not kelsey you need to ask her. You should never use images without asking the person first.


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