Friday, November 2, 2012

Bunk House Decorating Pt 2

Very First Bunk House

My very first bunk house was while we were still in beta 'Shown above' since then I have been trying out different styles. The above image shows just a basic throw items in a bunk house and move them around to give that little bit of classy lived in feeling. Most of the furniture was bought at Flotsam added to the free items you receive when you first start the game.

 Kingsisle has come up with some awesome pieces of furniture for Pirate101. Here is a guide I created over at Pirate101 Central. I show you the venders, maps where to find them and the furniture pieces they have in stock at this time. There are also some very unique items in the crowned shop for crowns or in game gold. 

Today I will show a few bunk houses I have designed mostly will be themed for the worlds. Themes I went with are outdoor ,more of a Rapa Nui feel, a Mooshu themed, a port regal themed and last but not least a Pirate hideout. One thing to remember in any decorating are the details that complete your theme or finished look. Can you tell me which bunk house fits which theme? Until next time,happy house decorating.

Your friend
Paige MoonShade aka Perilous Paige
Please forgive the bad image quality I am still on a temporary graphics card.


  1. Ahoy Paige! I love your blog and was wondering if you could take a gander at mine!

    1. Very nice start I will add your blog to my blog roll

  2. Nice Blog Paige:D Congratulations^-^ I hope u will have many viewz<3 Good luck c:


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