Thursday, November 8, 2012



This is where your Pirate turns into a robot to defeat a giant stormzilla.  Just so you know I am not a great guide maker but lets hope this helps some. A few players showed me some guides and a video and from there it took me a few times of trying to complete this task  yet I finally did it. So Let me see if I can make this easier. Hope this helps Each image has a caption of what I did for each.

Go around counter clockwise and destroy all the eggs

Continue each to each egg until you are at top left there you can use a melee  attack to destroy the 2 eggs

Set 2 rows of fire using the eye beams power  
Make sure you are on Op side of the fires than stormzilla

Play Tag make the stormzilla run through the fires 

Continue making stormzilla run through fires until he just wont go in them anymore
Finish him off with powers the basic punch you can use from a distance.


  1. Wow this battle looks so much fun lol! Haven't gotten here yet on my swash. :D

  2. I think you mean counter-clockwise (at least that's what the screenshots seem to show).


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