Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tales of Merciless Mina De Bouff-1

Merciless Mina De Bouff be a Pirate that me twitter followers created as you can see she has started her adventures in Pirate101 . Skull Island cave has been completed with t' help o' Clever Cole Collins. Mina be now ready t' to receive her um bucket o' bolts. ;) Though she cannot answer why Avery think she should like her new boat. Anyway looks like that be all she will receive so away we go
Mina met her trainer today for t' first time Madame Vadima was very mestic and told her she had much t' learn. Mina learned a cool skill called Mojo Strike and she cannot wait t' try it out. Wait weren't we pose t' receive our boat? I guess Mina needs t' talk t' Skinny Pete in t' Kraken Skulls Tavern, so off we go.

Skinny Pete said Mina needed t' meet someone in t' cellar o' t' tavern. She met Mormo in t' tavern and Ratbeard ambushed her, after Ratbeard ran away Mormo joined her rugged crew o' Pirates and chase for Ratbeard begins!

Mina now has her, um ship? Wouldn't you know, it's called T' Creaky Scallywag. What a fittin' name for such a wonderful ship too. Mina be buyin' parts t' help her ship along today and she will set for t' skyways! Check out this picture o' Mina and Clever Cole Collins. Until next time Merciless Mina De Bouff out.

If you would like to help Mina in her tales please leave a True friend code in the comments. She can also be found on One Eyed Jack realm.

I want to send a great big Thank you to talk like a Pirate Translator. without it Mina's Tales would not be so Piratey.

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