Sunday, December 16, 2012

Avast! Me Mateys! There be Bunk house winners!!!

All the Judges have search far and wide and check and debated and they came to agreement. There be decorating Pirates out there in the spiral! Even though this first annual Bunk house contest did not get a big turn out. We got one! 32 entries in total. Without further talking from me, here are your Pirate hideouts!

Grand Prize
Cutthroat Bundle
20,000 Crowns
Kai Strong
3 Marleybonians were lose on an unknown jungle in Skull Island. While struggling of search of Marleybone, they also seek food and water.
One day, while the sun burning 10x hotter than ever before, they were ready to give up,  until Marshall Doug Pupea sensed a camp, not to far from where they are right now. They were amazed on what they have found. Food, water, a camp, and all around them, tribal weapons, and tribal decors. There was also a rowboat, possible for fishing, because the lake is not too far from the camp. They all guessed the Waponi's was the original holder of this camp, and somehow vanished. They made this camp their home.

Second Place 
Castaway Cove house
10,000 Crowns
Two-Faced Anne
With her parrot at her side, a hook for a hand, 'n her sword at th' ready, she laughs 'n says:

Ahoy Matey, welcome to “Escondite”, me safe-haven in th' seven skyways. It be a favorite anchorage 'o band 'o pirates 'o th' past 'n currently home to me, Two-Faced Anne. I be a force to be reckoned wit', espicially durin' them epic battles in Port Regal 'n Subata Skyways. But not even th' great Two-Face Anne be able to rule th' Seven Skways without me havin' 'tis proper hideout.
Escondite meets th' needs 'o any scurvy pirate worth his weight 'n gold but don't get any ideas me matey 'tis be mine:

* 'tis a place to store supply 'n keep them safe from th' elements 'o island life.

* a place to sliumber in th' heat 'o th' day or th' chill 'o th' nightfall.
* a fire pit to cook up me grub or provide heat when needed.
* 'n a special area just to store me weapons 'n practice sword fightin' so me never gets rusty.

So ye scurvy-waggers be warned, tis me safe-heaven 'n me battle ye to th' end fer Escondite!
Third Place
Cutthroat Shark Companion
5000 Crowns
Two-Faced Neela Noble
Who would have thought that spiral defending, hard fighting, swashbuckling, Neela would enjoy entertaining her companions at her private hide-a-way. Neela loves preparing foods that she’s harvested from her garden, and fish that she’s caught from a nearby stream. Always considerate of her guests, Neela even provides a hammock to allow her companions to grab a nap while she prepares their favorite foods. Perhaps those two opposite personalities is how she earned the title of Two-Faced.

8 Honorable Mentions
2000 Crowns

Crazy Ryan Upham 

Sneaky Tristan Nemasmith
Shy Jane Davis
Faithful Francesco Xanderman
Daniel Silver
Charming Angela Ashburn
Toby Dodger

7 Random Draws
2000 Gold
Dead-eye Justin
Obnoxious Michael Quince
Loyal David Dove
Victoria Everhart
Darcy Maxwell
Merciless Morgrim

All winners have been emailed their prize codes


  1. Thanks for the contest! Too bad I couldn't earn enough gold to buy housing items! xD

  2. Thanks for the contest, Paige! It's too bad I didn't have a lot of gold to spend (just 10,000) but the contest served as motivation for decorating my dorm.

  3. Wow, these are impressive! I can't imagine what'd happen if some of these people were on KingsIsle's creative team, designing in-game environments with anything they pleased.

  4. Opened my mail and sow I won made my day and my morning :D :D And the other winners AMAZING work :D


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