Monday, December 10, 2012

Congratulations Weekly December Dorm Rooms

Congratulations to everyone! 
So many awesome dorm room sent in. I will update this with each week as the Dorms winners are posted in the December of Colorful Contests post.

Week one!
Theme "Three!!!"
Llewella Sparkpants-Chicken Yard
Kristen Rosethorn-Character Selection
Jason Ashstone-Pet races
Week Two!
The letter "B"!!!
Valdus Nightthorn-Balloon ride
Fiona ThunderCloud-relaxing
Julia Shadowcaster-I'm Sailing away
Week 3
Destiny Bringer- Blessing of the Twins
Jacob LegendPants- Bowling for Purple
Fiona Dreamer- Flight of the Butterfly

Week 4

Llewella Holiday Decorating Nightmare

Well I didn't expect nightmare at all.I knew only that this month I have to leave my beautiful Wizard City and to go to Azteca to help other people. I knew I will be gone for a while so I prepared all for my wizard friends and my self: I decorated my dorm room to have Holiday Party and welcome back party all in one :D. I wrapped gifts, prepared Xmas tree, even caste spell on fire place to make cozy atmosphere once I am back :). Everything was set and prepared once i am back! But something went wrong , terrible wrong!

On first week of my absence I heard there was some contest in decorating Dorm rooms. I wish all good luck and continue with my quests. But something happened. During that decorating, in the room next to mine, Jason Ashtone was holding pet race! They was racing so much they made crack on my walls! That wasn't so bad at all but I didn't know where that will lead ...

On second week, during contest, Julia Shadowcaster, my fella neighbor, summoned waves and they crashed on the wall! Her sea made a flood and sink to my room .Well i don't have to mention that considering winter and all, the floor was ice arena now lolz. Of course I didn't know anything about that yet.

On third week, Jacob Legendpants was bowling in purple. he made such a huge blow that cracked my sealing!  Well i found out that once when i was back of course .
Now imagine my surprise . I had Holiday nightmare once I was back! Snow everywhere, gifts are in it, Tree was out of ornaments etc.

Jordan UnicornCaster Holiday Nightmare Mess
My Pegasus  My Pegasus  came out of her cage, and when i came in they saw me with rage. She must have took my spears and put it in the wall, yes spears but that's not all i saw. The gingerbread house! It took hours to make for the guests to see, she took a bite, she knows how to anger me. My friends oh no they were coming at three, but where were their presents under the Christmas Tree? With the house a mess, garbage on the floor, i was in shock still standing at the door. But i awoke with my Pegasus next to me, by Bartelby it was just a dream.

Duncan StormThief  Elf's Holiday Nightmare

On a way to get presents,
Santa headed to the North Poll,
Only to see his helpers,
blocking the way to home.

"What is happening my little children,
is everything ok? Did i do something wrong?"
"We will miss you Santa we don't want you to go."
Said the little Elf, while snowmen are blocking the Poll.

Santa tried to reason with his helpers,
explain them that wizards will be unhappy,
"I have to go and deliver the presents.
When i finish ill be with you 364 remaining days."

Elf has calmed down, and stopped the snowmen
so Santa can go home for his sleigh,
No wonder his helpers acted like that,
Christmas without Santa is a Nightmare :)

Congratulations to All the December dorm winners!! I saw so many amazing dorm rooms!!


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