Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Holidays From Paige

Holiday House

I wanted to create a new Holiday House this year. I do hope you enjoy it as much I did creating it. With the new items from the yuletide pack you are able to make it snow in your Wizard101 house! I have been asking for this feature since the very first December after housing came out. My very first Christmas tree I used Balls of yarn to create it, that tree still stands to this day. This year I wanted a new looking tree so with those giant ornaments it was really fun to make. 

 As we head inside the house becomes a winter wonderland. Snow is falling within the first area room and in the Ice Skating ring. Each room is made up for guests , a story telling adventure room , Ice skating ring and many more that will be shown in the video made by my friend Johnny from Wizard101 Central. He did a really good job on the video too I do hope you enjoy it.

Last 2 rooms I will show are the Ice Skating Ring where the snowmen and the Charity Fa-la-la--llama skate around and enjoy the snowing icy room. Last but never least we have Santa busy with his elves trying to get ready to make that one night trip of giving out gifts. I do hope you enjoy my Holiday House , until next time. Happy House decorating.

Thank you so much Johnny


  1. I can't stop saying this, but I LOVE this place! What really catches my eye is the Llama on the Ice rink! Almost every single corner of this place is decorated and I wish I lived in this place. :D
    Great work Paige!


  2. very nice house , Paige! You are amazing!

  3. merry christmas paige i wish it would snow in wharton tx

  4. how did you make it snow in your house love your web site many days of happiness this holiday season

    1. There are snow globes In the new yuletide pack or you can find them in the bazaar which i did. You place them in your home and They will snow within a limited space. You can have 20 of them in your house.

  5. how do you make yarn go into the xmas tree? and also, can you meet me on w101?

    1. It is a floating process. I have helpful blog posts on how to guides. :) check Dorm room decorating 101 Lots of tips in that one.

    2. i cannot find how to get to that, can you post a link please?

    3. Google is a very powerful tool
      I typed in Paige's Page dorm decorating 101
      It came up with many links
      Here is one
      Here is another

      In that one there are links that lead you to All my how to guides. :) I hope this helps.


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