Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Practice PvP Goes Live!!

Practice PvP means it is all for fun and games, to be honest I like this version over any ranked  though I know many players love to receive ranks. There are two houses to to battle other players in one being the brawling house and the other the sparing chamber. 

These houses can hold 1v1 up to 4v4. All battle are turned based much like the battles you do while playing the game.. Look for both PvP houses around The Kraken Skulls Tavern. Who knows you might even see me there. ;)

In this new update you can also have 1v1 in 2 of the bundle houses! The Castaways Cove and the Volcano Island both have PvP rings. OH! and check it out houses have gone up from 100 items to 200!!!!! One thing I am very happy about :D. One more thing I am happy about is that my Swashbuckler  Perilous Paige can learn riposte. This skill give you a bonus attack when a enemy misses. 

To read more about these new updates check out the game update notes at Pirate101.

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  1. Why only swashbucklers get a new talent? Why don't Witchdoctors get Mojo Epic or Piravteers getting Cheap Shot or Buccaneers gettig Relentless or Musketeers getting True Grit?


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