Monday, December 3, 2012

Tales of Merciless Mina De Bouff -2

Mina was told t' set sail for a place called Blood Shoals where she met some very interestin' Wharf Rats named Manny ,Moe and Jack. Mina thinks why does that sound familiar? They send her t' help them with some Bisiness so they can be free from t' thier ghostly state.
Though Mina thinks they just want her t' do work they do not want t' do themselves but anyway mina will help. Pay an old debit, wait they want Mina t' pay their debit? Find a Black Rock Cave, sounds fishy but okay and Find Crimsons Jake's locket.

Mina got t' Black Rock Cave when Mormo tells her we have t' save a young rat. Low and behold this young one has gotten himself trapped by a bunch o' crabs. Let t' battle begin. She smartly releases t' Rat when t' rat gets himself in a pickle and Mina has t' do it all over again. Silly rat leave t' crabs alone. Anyway Mina tries again this time successful in savin' t' young rat.

Mina finds herself battlin' many cuthroat ships, With six pounder fire flyin' and Lightin' bats she takes out one by one. Hard t' believe I know with this creaky old boat but it does happen, Mina even takes care o' some nasty Batacuda fish on her way aft t' see t' wharf rats. All be done and they reward her with this fancy staff! and tell her t' go see a Captain in Jonah Town, wait Jonah Town? be that not a whale? With a new skill from her trainer and her rugged crew leveled Mina be off t' see a town ridin' on a whale. Mina Out.

I want to send a great big Thank you to talk like a Pirate Translator. without it Mina's Tales would not be so Piratey.


  1. Wonderful post, I love keeping note of where Mina is!
    I was wondering, as I run into the most aggravating problems with blogrolls, if you could both move my blog "Travels of the Thaumaturge" to your P101 list, and then manually change the name to "Destiny's Travels" like it's supposed to be. Thanks so much, and thanks for posting!



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