Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tales of Merciless Mina De Bouff -3

Mina got t' this town ridin' on a whale, Mina thinks t' herself this be much better than I thought it would be. I had vision o' fish everywhere! This be not bad at all with all t' wooden structures and wait, be those pelican people? Mina walks up t' t' one named Captain Ahab t' ask about t' Frogfather. T' Captian proceeds t' tell Mina about his bucko Brody who be lost and asks Mina if she would help find him." 

Mina finds Brody,  he got himself in a great big mess surrounded by sharks, Mina thinks " Why does all these people get in trouble like this?" Anyway Mina helps rescues Brody and takes him aft t' Jonah Town. Once aft t' Pelican Captain asks Mina t' help find his Nephew Norville so Mina helps, after all if thar be a kid that needs t' be found Mina be t' one for t' job! Did I tell you Mina bucko Clever Cole Collins came t' help? He be a great bucko, always helpin' Mina out and look at him go!
T' pelican Captain tell Mina t' go into a bucket t' be lowered down inside t' whale, wait, What?! Mina thinks this does not sound like t' best thing t' do but okay and jumps into t' bucket. Captain! Bonnie says"This be not t' best smellin' place around!" As Mina and her rugged crew slowly walk up t' a frog?! Mina thinks, Wait, we be lookin' for t' Frogfather so Ahoy! okay Frogs we have seen worse, right?
Mina and her crew finally make it in t' see t' Frogfather. even though some frogs lied t' Mina she still made it! If a Frog lies can it now be called a toad? Not swordfish, RIBBIT! Anyway aft on track.  After Mina helps t' Frogfather gather some spices and believe me it was not easy! For little monkeys they were many.T' Frogfather tells Mina t' go t' t' hidden docks. Mina's parents ship!! Mina be so very happy t' see her parents. Is she not a Beauty? Mina Out..

I want to send a great big Thank you to talk like a Pirate Translator. without it Mina's Tales would not be so Piratey.

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