Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Winners! Scalawag Holiday Bunk House

Congratulations Winners
Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas

Grand Prize

Second Place

twas th' nightfall before Christmas 'n not a creature was stirrin' not even a mouse. well expect rat beard 'o course. cap'n autumn had spent all Christmas eve awaitin' Santa. from swabbin' th' decks 'n mopin' her dorm she decided to add in a wee bit o cheer. after addin' her cheery lights 'n tree she sat out some cookies 'n a letter fer Santa to spy wit' ye eye. autumn wished wit' all her might that Santa would decide to sail wit' her 'n th' crew to give his sleigh 'n reindeers a rest fer t'night. she put on her best red suit 'n boots 'n called in th' best troops. rat beard said he knew th' spiral th' best 'n he promised to be his best 'n hurried to get dressed. so when santa arrived off they went on their greatest quest!

Third Place

Ruthless Destiny
   Yay, X-mas!

      Yay! Christmas is here,
         I  been waiting for so long,
     Now Christmas is here!

      Since Christmas is here,
           Santa will be coming soon,
     Yay! Christmas is here!
Honorable Mentions

Sneaky Kevin Newell
The Skyways may be t' life for me,
But refuge none other than a Bunkhouse there be!
Decked for Yuletide season, all set to go,
Visitors’ll have a hardy yo-ho-ho!
The Christmas tree’s there, with a star on top,
We’ll celebrate all night – we’re not going to stop!
Milk n’ cookies are set out for later tonight,
When Santa comes down from his flight,
To add more presents under the tree,
And make this Yuletide season quite merry!
Bloody Wesley Xavier
'Twas the most festive time of year
When pirates spread the holiday cheer.
Wesley thought "I shall change my title to Jolly,
And decorate my bunkhouse with lights and holly."
He made it look so Christmasy,
Making sure to include a snowman and a Holiday Tree.
He left out a glass of milk and a cookie plate.
For Christmas he could not wait.
Wesley found it hard to go to bed,
With thoughts of Captain Claus filling his head.
When he awoke in the morn,
The cookies were gone and presents were found in the dorm.
They opened gifts and had some fun,
Consisting of, games, tales, and Yum.
Wesley and crew had a great feast,
And then spread cheer to every man, Troggy, and beast.
As they sailed across the skyways,
Wesley and crew shouted to all, "Happy Holidays!"
Golden Harmony Dove
During the holidays, I like to dress up and spend the time with my pets and companions. Here I am in my personalized bunk as Santa's secret helper. I set up my bunk especially for Santa with his special sitting chair, milk and cookies and the holiday theme of a snowy night, like the North Pole (so he doesn't feel homesick). I'm hoping he'll visit, as we'll be jolly partners! 

Happy Holidays from Golden Harmony Dove! 
Captain Lily Evans

Loyal Martin Xavier
Every Christmas morning I awaken in joy  excited to look upon the Christmas tree. Me and my family are gathered 

 With more happiness than Ratbeard with powers. When I look upon the Christmas tree I say to myself that this is definitely a pirate life for me! 
Random Draws
Silent Seth Vinter
Kaitlyn Dove
Robert Devereaux
James Morgan
Cruel Zane

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Congratulations Holiday What is that?-- Winners

Congratulations Winners!!!
Top 20 
15 through 6 correct!!
Duncan StormThief
Katherine NightSong
Talon ShadowHorn 
Julia Shadowcaster
Diana Anglehunter
Aaron Stone
Michael DrakeStrider
Allan Firebreath
Anthony StarWraith
Megan Moon
Richard Dark
Nicholas Rubyshard
Kevin Winterstone
Gavin Stardust
Megan stormrider
Moira Watermancer
Diana Silverflame

Ready to see what the images were???
Here you go!
1 Holiday tree in commons

2 Stinkweed in Colossus Blvd

3 Yardbired

4 Professor Greyrose Hat

5 Blue crystal inside the purple statues 

6 Muncher Gobbler 

7 Wrecked boats in Wintertusk

8 Snow covered mountains Mooshu

9 Well of Spirits Krokotopia

10 inactive Protector in district of stars

11 Pillar Frost school Wysteria

12 ribbon from Spiral gift

13 Fire elf tree village tree

14 flower port tin Azteca

15 Felix Navidad

Friday, December 20, 2013

Simple Floating Tips Using A Carved Podium

 The carved podium is a unique decoration dropped by  King Shemet Djeserit In Krokotopa or bought in the Pharaoh's Hoard Pack.  Back in 2009 when housing first came out I found these were the best thing ever for simple floating. The very first thing I ever made with these was my very first Holiday Tree. So I hope you enjoy these simple tips showing how to use this item.

 First thing to do is stack your Podiums, I'll use three for this demonstration though I have gone eight high before.  Once you have them stacked place what you would like to float on the top one, I used Tallow candles this time.  Now turn then top podium one turn and move it over to the side. Repeat for each podium until you have all podiums on size.

Now you have your set to keep going without repeating the first steps. All you have to do is move each podium to where you want next item, place the item on top and move it away.  Never turn the podiums again or you will have to start back at the beginning.  ( Never pick up only move away.)

 For different levels all you need to do is stack , place item and move. If your going eight high you will need to make the create scaffolding, this is to help you reach the top each time.   Hope this helps with simple floating. Remember this only floats items that can fit on top of the podium. The images below show show different looks and both my Holiday trees One for 2009 and 2012. Until next time , Happy House Decorating. 

Extra links to help
The art of making something new
Housing Segment
Boats and Stairs
BunkBeds Wizard101 Style

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Scalawag Holiday Bunk House Decorating- Contest

T' huts and hideouts were decorated with care, All hopin' Santa Frog would soon be thar. No drink'n and fight'n t' pirates battles were lessor, so presents could be wrapped t' give all t' treaaye.
This contest has now ended. Winners will be posted in another post. On or by Dec 27,2013 A Scalawag Holiday Bunk House Decorating contest starts Now! December 17, 2013 through December 24th, 2013 to enter. that's right only 8 days to enter!

* This contest begins December 17, 2013 and ends December 24, 2013 at 6pm Central time. 
* You may only enter once.
* You may write a short story or poem about your Holiday Hideout (please keep them rated E for everyone)
* No more than 2 screenshots will be allowed (no videos),
* Your Pirate must be in the sreenshots.
* You may only use your Pirate101 Bunk House
* All prizes will be awarded Via email of entry.
* Nobody may win in more than one category of prizes.
* To be fair to all entries you must stay within the Bunk house space. 
* Your Pirate name such as (Perilous Paige) must be sent with your entry. ( no real names please)

How to enter:
Following the official rules posted above, you will decorate your Pirate101 bunk house, you may write a short story or poem if you like and submit with no more than 2 screen shots of your bunk house  by December 24, 2012 at 6:00 PM Central US time.
How do I submit entries? Send all entries to email. Please add title "Bunk House" to email.

( If you are under the age of 13 you need to have your parents or guardians permission.)

Late entries will not be accepted. You may not edit your entry. Please make sure it is correct before sending your entry in. 
Any entry with more than 2 screenshots and more than 1 short story will be immediately disqualified. No exceptions." No editing will be allowed on screenshots.
Please take your time and make sure everything is just how you want it.

Good Luck Everyone! Here are your prizes. :)

Grand Prize
Mistle Toad Companion + 10k Crowns
Prince Yulefest Companion + 2.5k Crowns

Second Place 
Mistle Toad Companion + 10k Crowns
One Random Yuletide Pet (Candy Cane Dragon, Red Baubleloon, or Green Baubleloon) + 1k Crowns

Third Place
Prince Yulefest Companion + 2.5k Crowns
One Random Yuletide Pet (Candy Cane Dragon, Red Baubleloon, or Green Baubleloon) + 1k Crowns

5 Honorable Mentions
One Random Yuletide Pet (Candy Cane Dragon, Red Baubleloon, or Green Baubleloon) + 1k Crowns

10 Random Draws
One Random Yuletide Pet plus a rare chance at a Yuletide Companion (Mistle Toad, Prince Yulefest, or the good ol’ Yule Trogg)
Valid entries only

Redeem all prizes at Pirate101 Redeem
Special thank you to Kingsisle for the wonderful prizes
All crowns are non transferable

Monday, December 9, 2013

A Scalawag Christmas

Twas t' night before a scalawag Christmas, all through t' spiral, t' Ships were docked all guns were peaceful.

T' huts and hideouts were decorated with care, All hopin' Santa Frog would soon be thar.
No drink'n and fight'n t' pirates battles were lessor, so presents could be wrapped t' give all t' treaaye.

When out in t' skyways arose such a clatter,I grab up me cutlass t' see what's da matter. Down t' t' docks I ran in a dash, starboard t' me ship, I sailed in a flash.

Through t' skyway on windlanes ,to find all t' excitement. Landin' at Jonah Town only t' find a miniature raft, and eight tiny Noelephants. With a red suited Cap'in, smilin' in t' fog , I knew in a moment it must be Santa frog .

More static than lightin' bats his movements came,then he shouted, callin' each Noelephant by name!Now Boochbeard! now Gandry! now, Catbeard and Deacon!On Jack! On Mordekai! on Vadima and Morgan! Over t' top o' Jonah town t' Flotsam Skyway! Now sail away! sail away! sail away all!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays From Paige MoonShade

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Holiday What is that??? Contest

Simple as it sounds ? 
This contest is now over. Winners are posted HERE

All you have to do is guess what that is and try to get them all right.

* Below will be small images of What? That is up to you to figure out. 
*Make a list number 1-15 and try to figure out what each image is. The more information you can provide the better.
*Send your list to with the title  "What is that-Holiday".
*Add  your Wizards In game name Such as (Paige MoonShade) to your list.
* Contest runs from December 8,2013 to December 20,2013  6pm Us Central time.
*Please ask all questions on this post
* You may only enter once, so please make sure everything is how you want it before you send your entry.

More information:
These images can be anywhere in the spiral.
You may only enter once. If you have a family/Sibling that wants to enter they must have their own email.
All you need is the list of 1-15 With each description  under the correct number. Please no need to send pictures. Remember the more information you can give about each image the better. Your answers must be in order of image 1-15

At the end of the contest I will post the screenshots of what these images are. :)
Thank you KingsIsle for the wonderful prizes.

If you are under the age of 13 please have your parents or guardians permission to enter.

Thank you KingsIsle for these wonderful Prizes.

Do your best Wizards!!

20 Winners!!
Each winner will receive
One crowns code for a random value of
750         Crowns
1000       Crowns
1500       Crowns
2500       Crowns
5000       Crowns
7500       Crowns
10000    Crowns
15000    Crowns
One code for one Zafaria Furniture Set 3

( In case of a Tie- The entries are first come first win)
Code details

Codes can be redeemed from any location worldwide, but are only redeemable at for use on the KingsIsle version of Wizard101. This promotion cannot be redeemed for Gameforge or Taomee hosted versions of the game.
These Crowns are non-transferable and cannot be shared between accounts within a Family of Accounts.