Thursday, January 31, 2013

Housing Showcase - Elijah RainRiver

Elijah RainRiver's "Tree Top Village" was created in the Sultan's Palace around the oasis pool. Placing each tree and making sure his trail going up and around the  area to the top of the trees. Elijah said he really liked how it came out and I have to agree.  My favorite area was off to the side there is this little village. I saw something special in this little village. Thank you Elijah for allowing me to see your  "Tree Top Village".

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tales of Merciless Mina De Bouff -4

Mina took her new ship and sailed t' Flotsam She knew t' way after readin' all those amazin' Sky maps Clever Cole has shown her. This town was really made up o' broken ships! Trails o' wooded planks lead in all directionsShe followed t' trail up up t' t' top o' Flotsam t' find a bar keep named Flopsy t' ask about One Eyed Jack. After talkin' t' T' barkeep Mina met up with a new Buckco Virtuous James Lawson, Mina asked if he would like t' help her travels. Off they both went t' meet Mustang Sally.

They rescue Mustang Sally ,Sally be sayin Ned would be the person to ask about One Eyed Jack. Ahoy!Ned told Mina that crafty rabbit was up t' his tricks again. Mina goin' t' give him a piece o' her mind. That sneaky rabbit told Mina he had t' be that away because you never know people these days. Mina let it go and listen t' Jack. 

 Off t' find Ratbeard o' course! That rat jumps out a window, seemed like a awful small window for a big rat t' get out of, it happen I swear! Now t' race be on t' find that rat. Mina thinks then ask James wasn't thar a treaaye t' be found? James replied "Aye, Captain Gunn's gold." Mina says then why do we need this rat? I think someone be sendin' us on a wild goose chase.

They find a letter from Captain Gunn Himself tellin' them t' go t' t' Lighthouse.There Mina gets a new companion Old Scratch That be well taught in Hoodoo. Scratch tells Mina o' a place called Bounty Island and t' go thar. t' Find Captain Gunn, wait what happen t' Ratbeard? Never you mind Mina and James be off t' Bounty island. As Mina and James were about t' head t' Bounty island Bonnie Anne asks t' talk t' her. Bonnie needs help. Mina out....

Thank ye Talk like a Pirate translator, Without ye Mina's tales would not be so Piratey

Monday, January 28, 2013

Housing Showcase - Corwin HawkBane

Corwin HawkBane's life house is a place of whimsical faeries and fountains. When you first come to Corwin's house you can see he took allot of care in decorating.  From the very first bridge to the inside each area made special.

Corwin's favorite area is the" Pagoda in the Mist". This pagoda is set up in the water fall of the life school house, with all the water and mist surrounding this pagoda gives it a new feeling of mystery.

My favorite area of Corwin's life school house was "Serenity Falls" this area was made up of flowers and fountains, just breathe taking. I have more pictures of this area in the slideshow. Thank you so much Corwin for allowing me to visit your beautiful Wizard101 home.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Pirate Showcase- Angel Xiriga

Angel Xiriga's Castaway's Refuge is an outstanding hideout of Botanical Gardening.  When I first came to Angel's hideout the first thing he offered me was lunch, made me smile. Then we took a tour of his wonderful gardens. Each area taken with decorating care.

Angel's favorite place is where he can sit and craft garden tools. You can tell he took allot of thought is creating this spot from the places to sit tables and things that would be needed to craft his tools. My favorite spot was this grand entrance, the way Angel created this door way made the house look completely different. Thank you Angel for allowing to visit your lovely Pirate hideout. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

KIngsisle Players raise 100,000 for Charities!

PLANO, Texas,  Jan. 23, 2013  Due to the extraordinary generosity of  Wizard101  and  Pirate101  players, KingsIsle Entertainment will donate a total of  $100,000  to two  Texas  charities devoted to helping children. The donation is part of KingsIsle's ongoing commitment to make a positive difference in the communities where the company and its employees are based. To raise the funds, KingsIsle created a special holiday charity item, a festive Fa-La-La-La Llama mount, and made it available for purchase in both Wizard101  and  Pirate101.  

"This year, with the launch of  Pirate101, we decided to up the ante and double our contribution goal to  $100,000," said  Elie Akilian, chairman and CEO of KingsIsle Entertainment. "Today, we're pleased to announce that we achieved that goal. This brings KingsIsle's total charitable contribution since the launch of Wizard101  to over  $326,000  - all going to children's charities in  Texas  and around the country." 

Here is a great video from KVUE


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Housing Showcase-Michelle Darkstone

Michelle Darkstone's myth school house has been transformed into a place for all wizards to party. So many great rooms in Michelle's from a swimming pool to this wonderful fairgrounds, which is also Michelle's favorite area.

My favorite spot in Michelle's is also in the fairgrounds. Tell me if anything here looks familiar? All I can say is I think she might have some spells for me. I do you hope you enjoy this showcase. Thank you Michelle for allowing me to visit.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Introducing Tribal Crew Pack!!

Tribal Crew Pack!
Introducing Pirate101 crew packs. This first crew packs comes with so many great items. With a chance for; Special companions, Pets, mount ,gear and so much more. So far I have gotten a drake pet. I wonder if he would be better as Chucklesworth or Pigglesworth?. I have gotten so much really amazing furniture. I have even gotten some really nice weapons for my swashbuckler.

 To find out more about this wonderful new pack check out Pirate101 Annoucement. There is a really great topic at Pirate101 Central where everyone is showing images of items they have gotten. I am really loving so many of these items. Oh! Did I mention I have a  couple pack codes I might giveaway? I will be doing this on Twitter so watch @PaigeMoonShade as the trivia will be random.
My twitter giveaways are finished. Other fansites are still having them. Pirate101 Central is having a Raffle.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pirate Hideout -Horace West


Horace West created a pirate hideout for each of his companions, a home for himself and his crew, with everything they need.  From the elegant ship to the meditation area for his ninja pig this hideout was well thought out.  Horace even his hideout security all st up so He and his crew can feel safe while they sleep under the stars.

Horace said his favorite spots were the training areas and campsite  I agree both are great with even spots for his companions to sleep and eat. I think my favorite spot is the Chapel He created. Seems every hideout I go visit I find items I want. I love that wall decoration in his Chapel. I do hope you enjoy Horace's hideout as much I did.

Mega Housing ShowCase-Luke FireHeart

Welcome to Luke Fireheart's amazing fantasy tours. I do hope to do these houses justice, they took my breath away.  Each of Luke's houses had a teleport that was decorated to show which house you are going in, which all started at Luke's Myth School is named The Beach Hut.

I will be showing one image of some of the houses plus my favorite view from all of them. I had a very tough time picking my favorite view believe me. Anyway to the beginning. The Beach Hut was made up of water cascading from the ceiling , many land masses and such beautiful views.  I do have a list of Luke's Castles I will post at the end. All Castles are in the slideshow.
Fire Arena

Underwater Castle

Next two up and the Fire Arena and the Underwater Castle, I know Luke told me that the arena was just an arena but wow it needed to be shown. I have a picture in the slideshow of myself  on the PvP circle. All I can say is Hot, hot , hot. ;)  Good thing my next picture can put that fire out. Luke's Underwater Castle fantastic.


Snow Castle
Next images I am showing are of the Waterfall and the Snow Castle both of these houses are simply beautiful. The Snow Castle even has my favorite view, the very front of the castle as you see in the image below. I do hope you enjoy this showcase as much as I did . Thank you so much Luke Fireheart for showing me. On to the slideshow.
My favorite view

1, Beach Hut
2, Waterfall
3, Underwater Castle
4, OverGrown Castle
5, Snow Castle 
6, Sky Castle
7, Ice Maze

Monday, January 7, 2013

Tales of Mina De Bouff- The house visit.

Mina took a break from her adventures t' visit with Clever Cole Collins. Did you know He be havin a very big Pirate hideout? Mina aye wants one, for now Mina makes due with a bunk house on Skull Island. Mina went t' t' very top o' Cole's crow's nest and saw all t' great views!

Mina Aye did enjoy t' music and tea Cole offered while she was visitin'. Mina stuwent t' Davy Jones' locker sky maps t' plan her next adventure, Did you know thar be a land made up o' broken ships? Mina cant wait t' be sailin' thar. Mina also wonders what t' Volcano island will brin' in her travels. Cole showed Mina so many Sky maps. Cole even offered her some treaaye t' help pay for her travels. Mina Out...

Clever Cole Collins - flash slideshow

Thank ye Talk like a Pirate translator, Without ye Mina's tales would not be so Piratey

Housing Showcases- 3

Today I bring you three housing showcases. First up is the house of Sean Mythrider's, His  Garden Villa is perfect to show off his way of decorating.  When you first come to Sean's house you see a grand walkway with tall pillars and trees

I asked Sean which is his favorite room and he really like his Krokotopian theme room.  I really liked this amazing structure Sean built. it is very tall  and on each side has purple flowers. Thank you Sean for the wonderful tour.

David Dragonhammer's  Winter Winds is our next tour, from this very first game area , where a visitor can play mini games or battle their way through the pagoda dungeon, all in a very beautiful view .   

I have to say there is nothing more beautiful than the first view of the Winter winds castle.  One of my favorite new castle views is the entry of this castle. David also has a game room, wonder if he is up for a game of chess? Thank you David for the wonderful tour.

Last on this tour of houses is Brandon Owlsword's Balance House, he created a really unique pool up in the balance scales. yes you could actually go in it. :) Thank you all for the amazing house tours.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ruthless Luke Richardson- First Pirate101 Showcase!!

Welcome to Ruthless Luke Richardson's Volcano Island , an amazing place a Pirate can relax and enjoy themselves. The first place I saw  at Luke's house was his amazing ship! Just check that out with all the royal red and blue colors. I know, I know we are here to see the amazing house but I do love a good Pirate ship ;)

As we travel all along the outside of Luke's island I saw many great places. From little villages to this awesome secret training yard. After I trained for a few moments we went inside the house. After all training can make a Pirate very tired and Oh hungry!

 Luke's favorite room is this stylish Pirate Galley. We sat and ate , I even enjoy a cup of tea before we visited all the other rooms of Luke's Volcano Island. Thank ye Luke I really enjoyed your Pirate hideout.