Monday, January 7, 2013

Housing Showcases- 3

Today I bring you three housing showcases. First up is the house of Sean Mythrider's, His  Garden Villa is perfect to show off his way of decorating.  When you first come to Sean's house you see a grand walkway with tall pillars and trees

I asked Sean which is his favorite room and he really like his Krokotopian theme room.  I really liked this amazing structure Sean built. it is very tall  and on each side has purple flowers. Thank you Sean for the wonderful tour.

David Dragonhammer's  Winter Winds is our next tour, from this very first game area , where a visitor can play mini games or battle their way through the pagoda dungeon, all in a very beautiful view .   

I have to say there is nothing more beautiful than the first view of the Winter winds castle.  One of my favorite new castle views is the entry of this castle. David also has a game room, wonder if he is up for a game of chess? Thank you David for the wonderful tour.

Last on this tour of houses is Brandon Owlsword's Balance House, he created a really unique pool up in the balance scales. yes you could actually go in it. :) Thank you all for the amazing house tours.

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