Thursday, January 17, 2013

Introducing Tribal Crew Pack!!

Tribal Crew Pack!
Introducing Pirate101 crew packs. This first crew packs comes with so many great items. With a chance for; Special companions, Pets, mount ,gear and so much more. So far I have gotten a drake pet. I wonder if he would be better as Chucklesworth or Pigglesworth?. I have gotten so much really amazing furniture. I have even gotten some really nice weapons for my swashbuckler.

 To find out more about this wonderful new pack check out Pirate101 Annoucement. There is a really great topic at Pirate101 Central where everyone is showing images of items they have gotten. I am really loving so many of these items. Oh! Did I mention I have a  couple pack codes I might giveaway? I will be doing this on Twitter so watch @PaigeMoonShade as the trivia will be random.
My twitter giveaways are finished. Other fansites are still having them. Pirate101 Central is having a Raffle.


  1. I love this pack! My witchdoctor hopes to some day own all of the companions!

  2. This pack is amazing! I got a Citrine dinosaur mount thing (Spelling hard) and a bunch of gear! Best pack of the KI games yet!

  3. This pack has so much gear, and I have SO many gear sets and weapons. Not to mention the 3 - count it, THREE - mounts that I got in a pack. This is by far the best pack from KI.


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