Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mega Housing ShowCase-Luke FireHeart

Welcome to Luke Fireheart's amazing fantasy tours. I do hope to do these houses justice, they took my breath away.  Each of Luke's houses had a teleport that was decorated to show which house you are going in, which all started at Luke's Myth School is named The Beach Hut.

I will be showing one image of some of the houses plus my favorite view from all of them. I had a very tough time picking my favorite view believe me. Anyway to the beginning. The Beach Hut was made up of water cascading from the ceiling , many land masses and such beautiful views.  I do have a list of Luke's Castles I will post at the end. All Castles are in the slideshow.
Fire Arena

Underwater Castle

Next two up and the Fire Arena and the Underwater Castle, I know Luke told me that the arena was just an arena but wow it needed to be shown. I have a picture in the slideshow of myself  on the PvP circle. All I can say is Hot, hot , hot. ;)  Good thing my next picture can put that fire out. Luke's Underwater Castle fantastic.


Snow Castle
Next images I am showing are of the Waterfall and the Snow Castle both of these houses are simply beautiful. The Snow Castle even has my favorite view, the very front of the castle as you see in the image below. I do hope you enjoy this showcase as much as I did . Thank you so much Luke Fireheart for showing me. On to the slideshow.
My favorite view

1, Beach Hut
2, Waterfall
3, Underwater Castle
4, OverGrown Castle
5, Snow Castle 
6, Sky Castle
7, Ice Maze


  1. Wow! Simply amazing. Well done!

    Seems like I still have a ton of training to do before I am on this level of glitching.

  2. Beautiful houses! He did a marvelous job, they are gorgeous!

  3. Great job on the review, luke is an extremely talented glitcher.

  4. Sierra DreamwhisperJanuary 13, 2013 at 3:49 PM

    Lukes houses are always a treat to see. He's really nice and always happy to help anyone with a glitch if they get stuck.

  5. I know Luke, I think he has since updated those houses. I was astonished to see what he could do. He has added an extra island to his house :)


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