Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tales of Merciless Mina De Bouff -4

Mina took her new ship and sailed t' Flotsam She knew t' way after readin' all those amazin' Sky maps Clever Cole has shown her. This town was really made up o' broken ships! Trails o' wooded planks lead in all directionsShe followed t' trail up up t' t' top o' Flotsam t' find a bar keep named Flopsy t' ask about One Eyed Jack. After talkin' t' T' barkeep Mina met up with a new Buckco Virtuous James Lawson, Mina asked if he would like t' help her travels. Off they both went t' meet Mustang Sally.

They rescue Mustang Sally ,Sally be sayin Ned would be the person to ask about One Eyed Jack. Ahoy!Ned told Mina that crafty rabbit was up t' his tricks again. Mina goin' t' give him a piece o' her mind. That sneaky rabbit told Mina he had t' be that away because you never know people these days. Mina let it go and listen t' Jack. 

 Off t' find Ratbeard o' course! That rat jumps out a window, seemed like a awful small window for a big rat t' get out of, it happen I swear! Now t' race be on t' find that rat. Mina thinks then ask James wasn't thar a treaaye t' be found? James replied "Aye, Captain Gunn's gold." Mina says then why do we need this rat? I think someone be sendin' us on a wild goose chase.

They find a letter from Captain Gunn Himself tellin' them t' go t' t' Lighthouse.There Mina gets a new companion Old Scratch That be well taught in Hoodoo. Scratch tells Mina o' a place called Bounty Island and t' go thar. t' Find Captain Gunn, wait what happen t' Ratbeard? Never you mind Mina and James be off t' Bounty island. As Mina and James were about t' head t' Bounty island Bonnie Anne asks t' talk t' her. Bonnie needs help. Mina out....

Thank ye Talk like a Pirate translator, Without ye Mina's tales would not be so Piratey

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