Monday, January 7, 2013

Tales of Mina De Bouff- The house visit.

Mina took a break from her adventures t' visit with Clever Cole Collins. Did you know He be havin a very big Pirate hideout? Mina aye wants one, for now Mina makes due with a bunk house on Skull Island. Mina went t' t' very top o' Cole's crow's nest and saw all t' great views!

Mina Aye did enjoy t' music and tea Cole offered while she was visitin'. Mina stuwent t' Davy Jones' locker sky maps t' plan her next adventure, Did you know thar be a land made up o' broken ships? Mina cant wait t' be sailin' thar. Mina also wonders what t' Volcano island will brin' in her travels. Cole showed Mina so many Sky maps. Cole even offered her some treaaye t' help pay for her travels. Mina Out...

Clever Cole Collins - flash slideshow

Thank ye Talk like a Pirate translator, Without ye Mina's tales would not be so Piratey

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