Thursday, February 28, 2013

Perilous Paige's -How to make rail tracks.Showcase

Welcome Pirates Since test realm went live I have been  decorating with all the newest furniture! Cool Ranch has some of the most splendid pieces , including these amazing Mining Tracks found in Tumbleweed. I will have a slide show of this fully completed house at the end of this segment.

While in test realm I was testing to see if I could create a full set of tracks and it worked! So today I will show you how to make the tracks connect. first make sure you have enough area to work items you will need ; two large pattern rugs, 3 or more mining tracks, and misc decorations to finish the look.

Take one of the rugs and place a track on it then by moving the rug place your track in the area you wish to start. Take your second rug and place it on the first one. Now twist them and you can safely pick them up while leaving the track.

Repeat with each new set of tracks until you a complete set then decorate with you items. Rug placement might to sides of tracks as you get further down the track line. Good luck and build them tracks!.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Housing Showcase- Kieran DeathHunter

Kieran DeathHunter Describes his Storm School house as "A dream through the eyes of a boy." When I first came to Kieran's house all you could see was trees, Kieran decorated his house in a way that you actually had to go and see the wonderful views he created.

Kieran's favorite room is his office with the aquarium view. He can sit at his desk for hours and watch the fish and sharks swim by. My favorite was not actually a room but a view I saw. There was just something in this view that looked so peaceful. You can see more of Kieran's house in the slideshow. Thank you so much Kieran I truly enjoyed your house.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Captain, What is That?? --Contest

Can you guess all 15?
This contest is now closed winners will be posted soon
Simple as it sounds ? 
All ye have to do is guess what that is and try to get them all right.

* Below will be 15 small images of What? That is up to you to figure out. 
*Make a list number 1-15 and try to figure out what each image is. The more information you can give the better.
*Send your list to with the title  "Guess what-Pirate101".
 *Add  your Pirates In game name Such as (Perilous Paige) to your list.
* Contest runs from February 22nd to March 3rd 6pm Us Central time.
*There is a limit of one code per account. 
*Please ask all questions on this post

At the end of the contest I will post the screenshots of what these images are. :)
Thank you KingsIsle  for the wonderful prizes.

If you are under the age of 13 please have your parents or guardians permission to enter.

Do ye best Pirates!!

1 Grand prize for the most correct!!!!

5 Companion Points + 30,000!! Crowns

Second and Third Place!!!

3 Companion Points + 10,000! Crowns

15 Runner ups!!

1 Companion Point + 5,000! Crowns

( Incase of a Tie- The winner will be the one who first sent in the complete correct entry)

Good Luck Pirates!!

Ready for your images?













Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Pirate101 Housing items!- Cool Ranch

Cool Ranch (test realm) now has furniture vendors; Cloud Rider in Bison Village and Miss Mallory In Tumbleweed. Each of these vendors have some very unique items from giant rock formations to the smallest of bottles. There is even a actual geyser! 

 I got some really close up pictures of some of the items and all images I could get of all items in the slide show. Let's begin with the giant rock formations; such as crystals and large pillar rocks. The geyser itself is animated and goes off every few minutes.

These next two images are of the Bison Village items from tents, clay pots (one is animated), fish drying to large bone in the ground.  We even have mining equipment!  Water tower and a animated windmill can give any place that added touch of the ranch style living.

These last two images are for the inside. I think the bank teller window and fire place are my favorite for the living area.  I even made a small saloon and medical area to finish showing off some of the items I like the most.  Hope you enjoy this housing segment and until next time, happy house decorating. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Housing Showcase-Tara Dragon

Welcome to Tara Dragon's Celestian Colosseum, a tribute Celestia with nature all around. when I first came to Tara's house all I could say was I love the Colosseum she even made a grand stand area for people who come to watch the epic battles. In fact the arena area of the house is Tara's favorite  area.

I got a great view of the grandstand area to show how everyone could see the battles. My favorite area of Tara's is this amazing little shop. Tara took great detail in adding things that a person could purchase of their battle or trophies for the winners. Thank you Tara and I hope everyone enjoys your house.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Pirate101 Test realm -February 2013

Update Notes


Companions are now able to be benched with Bench Markers. At level 15 you will be granted the ability to bench companions. A player may bench one companion so that the companion no longer will join in battles. More bench markers will be added as you gain levels.

Bonnie Anne has a new talent and is now able to heal! The cat pirate also has his second promotion open. Along with many other companion updates found here.

Crown Shop

Players are now able to buy misc mounts and pets with gold!

Talents and powers & Combat

Players are now able to arrange their Powers Find more about these updates here


Rare bosses have been added to the higher-level skyways!



Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Housing Showcase-Aaron TitanCaster

Welcome to Aaron TitanCaster's pyramid. Aaron decorated his house to represent the style and architecture of the house; from villages all the way around the pyramid to each decorated with special items to give the ancient feel.

Aaron's favorite room is the weapons room with all sorts of weapons to add to his arsenal. My favorite room was this hall way where he added candle alters to give a enchanted feel . I hope you enjoy Aaron's house as much as I did.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tales of Merciless Mina De Bouff -5

Mina and James head Bounty Island, Capt'n Mormo say Bounty Island be full o' test and Mormo he no like tests. Mina tells Mormo no worries mate, me Buckco James and I will take care o' t' tests. Mormo wants t' know why Capt'n and James had t' do all that when he could o' taken t' Dynamite and just blow up t' gate.

 Mormo he sighs onward we go.

Old Stratch he be able t' talk t' went t' Davy Jones' locker Capt'n Gunn who tells him t' go t' t' Volcano, Wait he say Volcano? Mina decides they all sail on Her Buckcos James ship t' this new Island.

Once t' crew landed at t' Volcano Bonnie she say they have t' fight their way up. Up they go along t' wooden path when tired crew come t' a giant fish in t' pathway o' course Mormo thinks it be time to eat and ask if they be havin' fish? Mina just says not now Mormo we have bigger plans ahead. Mina looks up only t' think that be their gold bein' tossed over t' edge. James asks who be that hangin' from t' rope?

Chumba Wumba stands fore o' them and yells " Gugu Goonigugu!" Mina and Jame both looked bewildered then look at Mormo. Mormo say Chumba say battle! Durin' t' battle t' tired crew find out they cannot defeat Chumba. Bonnie says this will never end. Ratbeard yells t' break t' idols.T' battle be over, Mormo again looks at his Captain and says would be easier t' just break idols in first place why you not tell us sooner Rat?

After all be said and done Mina got her treaaye and Ratbeard join her though Mormo will be keepin' a close eye on that rat. Mina talks t' Avery and receives a new staff. Mormo asks eat now? Aye Mormo ' eat now. Mina out...

Thank ye Talk like a Pirate translator, Without ye Mina's tales would not be so Piratey

Monday, February 4, 2013

Meet Captain Horace Avery

February 2013 news letter can be found here.
Check out the very first FrogFather Friday.
"Where the Frogfather asks "What's your favorite Mob Ship in the Skyways, and why?"

Friday, February 1, 2013

2013 Friendship Festival-Contest

Friendship Draw
From February 1,2012 - February 20, 2012
This Contest is Now Over

To enter send a email to Contest@PAIGEMOONSHADE.COM , along with your wizard's in-game name (such as Paige MoonShade) . When entering this drawing please make sure to add Random Draw contest to your email.
* All you need ' Your Wizard name' and you will be entered to the random draw. No need to send more than one email your name will just be re-entered into each days drawing.

Enter early for more chances to win!! 

Once you win a prize your name will be removed from drawing list for future drawings for this contest. You only need to send your name in once it will be re-entered each day.

All winners will be posted in this topic Before 5:00PM central US the day of each drawing and prize sent out. 

One random Multi player mount!  Each mount is shown in the image

Daily Drawing Winners 2  per day
Michelle Unicornbringer
Blaze Griffinheart
Luke FireHeart
Alexis StormBreaker
Victoria Thunderheart
Katherine Nightsong
Lucas LegendEyes
Alyssa Liontalon
Tatiana Shadowflame
Amanda StarFlower
Kayla stormhunter
Matthew Goldenweaver
Thomas Green
Eric Ghosthammer
Amy Iceblade
Ryan SpiritWeaver
Ashley RoseTamer
Scarlet Watergem
Alexander IceHammer
Wolf Skullflame
Courtney DragonBlade
Fallon Emeraldthistle

Alexander Dragontamer
Morgrim Nightbringer
Seth StormBlood
Artur Angleflame
Cody DeathHammer
Michael Ice
Kiera Summerglade
Fallon Ravenhaven
Chris Deathhammer
Alexis Rubyrunner
Luke Skywalker
kevin frostblade
Mark GriffinSpear
Timothy Legendsword 

3 Extra Draws 
Nicholas IceSword
Angus Lionmender
Autumn EmeraldBreeze

There is even a chance to win your very own Skyvern mount!!