Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Pirate101 Housing items!- Cool Ranch

Cool Ranch (test realm) now has furniture vendors; Cloud Rider in Bison Village and Miss Mallory In Tumbleweed. Each of these vendors have some very unique items from giant rock formations to the smallest of bottles. There is even a actual geyser! 

 I got some really close up pictures of some of the items and all images I could get of all items in the slide show. Let's begin with the giant rock formations; such as crystals and large pillar rocks. The geyser itself is animated and goes off every few minutes.

These next two images are of the Bison Village items from tents, clay pots (one is animated), fish drying to large bone in the ground.  We even have mining equipment!  Water tower and a animated windmill can give any place that added touch of the ranch style living.

These last two images are for the inside. I think the bank teller window and fire place are my favorite for the living area.  I even made a small saloon and medical area to finish showing off some of the items I like the most.  Hope you enjoy this housing segment and until next time, happy house decorating. 

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