Thursday, February 28, 2013

Perilous Paige's -How to make rail tracks.Showcase

Welcome Pirates Since test realm went live I have been  decorating with all the newest furniture! Cool Ranch has some of the most splendid pieces , including these amazing Mining Tracks found in Tumbleweed. I will have a slide show of this fully completed house at the end of this segment.

While in test realm I was testing to see if I could create a full set of tracks and it worked! So today I will show you how to make the tracks connect. first make sure you have enough area to work items you will need ; two large pattern rugs, 3 or more mining tracks, and misc decorations to finish the look.

Take one of the rugs and place a track on it then by moving the rug place your track in the area you wish to start. Take your second rug and place it on the first one. Now twist them and you can safely pick them up while leaving the track.

Repeat with each new set of tracks until you a complete set then decorate with you items. Rug placement might to sides of tracks as you get further down the track line. Good luck and build them tracks!.


  1. I love your Cards & Yum area :) That's a place I wish existed IRL :)

  2. Lol Paige - you clever designer!

    You utilized the "Quirkiness" of those exasperating rugs to make that awesome train track. I have had the toughest adventures putting my house back together from it being destroyed by rugs.

    Just make sure you never pick up a rug and spin it with the mouse wheel - house nightmare... >.<

  3. This is soooo useful and neat! Thanks for tip Paige!

    Llewella Life


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