Sunday, March 3, 2013

Captain, What is That?? --Winners!!!

                                 Congratulations Winners!!!

Everyone did such an amazing job, here are your winners.

First place
 13 correct
Fiery Danielle Morgan

1. Madame Vidima's necklace
2. Bonnie Anne's tail and rifle
3. Captain Avery's parrot necklace
4. Life fountain in Jonah town looking up
5. The figurehead coral billethead it is the green leaf on it
6. It is the PVP pole with the handle of one sword and the blade of another
7. This is a funky bunch
8. Scorpion rock view??
9. Mechanical bird in valencia
10. the left side of the log on screen
11. The monkey mask you wear in valencia
12. the backside of a troggy in skull island
15. One eyes Jack's whisker

Second Place
11 correct
Merciless Morgrim

1. Some sort of necklace on Vadima’s outfit
3. Collar on Avery’s parrot
4. View of buildings from the Jonah Town Life Fountain
6. Part of the broken pole thing where the PvP sigil is.
7. The Funky Bunch Bananas
8. Scorpion Rock
9. Part of a mechanical bird from Sivella.
10. Side of the dock from the character selection screen
11. Your Pirate in a Monkey Costume in Monquista City
12. The spots on the back of a blue troggy
15. One Eyed Jack

Third Place
11 correct
1- Skull on madame vadima's dress
3- Necklace on avery's bird
4- Jonah town lifefountain looking up at the houses above
6- Pvp post in pvp room
7- Upclose pic of funky bunch pile
8- Stinger on the scorpion rock (view from skyway)
9- Clockwork bird wing design
10- char select screen dock
11- Monkey costume in monquista you use when you break into the library
12- Upclose Troggy skin pattern
13- Wing of a buffaloon

15 Runner ups!!
Robert Stevenson 
10 correct
Stubborn Duncan Freeman 
7 correct
Katherine De Bouff
7 correct
Tireless Talon Thatcher 
7 correct
Merciless Valkoor
6 Correct
Lucas Dodger 
5 correct 
Sly Miguel Vinter 
5 correct
Lord Darkwing 
4 correct
Angel Xiriga 
4 correct
Stormy Rylee 
3 correct
Canny Kai 
3 correct
Pretty Ivy 
2 correct
2 correct
Simple Henri Edmundson
2 correct
Charming Angela Ashburn 
2 correct
All winners are being sent prizes. Thank you so much for entering.

So ye want to know that be? Here ye go!
1  WitchDoctor trainer- necklace
2  Bonnie Anne's tail & Sniper rifle 
3  Avery's Skarakeet

4  Life fountain- Jonah town

5  The coral billethead figurehead from a raft
6  PvP Pole 

7  A funky Bunch

8  The tip of Scorpion rock 

9  Clockwork Bird from Sivella

10 Log in screen seat - left front

11 The Monkey mask you wear in Monquista City

12 Troggy back

13 Buffaloon wing

14 32-pounder cannon on a Marleybone ship

15 One Eyed Jack

Thank you for entering See you in the skies!


  1. Thank you very much, paige! :)

    -Robert Stevenson

  2. 6/15 correct sweet! But now that I look at the answers, I feel dumb because I knew where I saw them, but I forgot where.
    -Merciless Valkoor

  3. Yay!! :D 3 Correct!! XD
    Thank you so much! this made my day! :D

  4. When will we get the rewards?

    1. They have Grady been mailed out. I always send out prizes before I post. Check the email your sent your entry in with.

  5. Can you resend the email? I didnt get it
    -Simple Henri


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