Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Double Housing Showcase-Caroline & Genevieve

Today I bring you a double showcase, Wizard homes of Caroline Thundermask and Genevieve Roseshield. Let's begin our tour with Caroline Thundermask's Massive Fantasy Palace.   Caroline decorated her palace is a very grand design from a beautiful garden to the arena.

Caroline's favorite is her very own bedroom suite, which she can relax in after a long day of questing. I had a couple rooms I liked. One being the grand entry and the one I picked , here is the next image. This very nice study , who wouldn't love to sit down and have some tea with Caroline. Thank you so much  Caroline for the wonderful tour

Genevieve Roseshield's Wysteria house is next on our tour. Genevieve named her house the "Valley of the Fountains"  beautifully decorated from this very first view to the very top room with her vase collection.
Genevieve's favorite room is this lovely indoor shrine, the perfect place to meditate after questing. My favorite room is the grand entry. This room made me just want to relax and enjoy the tour. Thank you Genevieve for the wonderful tour.

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