Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Housing Showcase-Hunter MythVault

Hunter MythVault's house is very beautiful  or as he would describe it a place to retreat inside his mind.  Hunter's house has everything from a small village to a great pumpkin patch. There is even a small graveyard over to the side.
Hunter's Favorite room is his room where he can relax after a long day of battling. My favorite room is the trophy room. Hunter proceeded to tell me a story about how He and His Conqueror friends took down a dragon from Dragonspyre and they sill have his skull as a trophy. Thank you Hunter for the wonderful house tour. Shout out to Conqueror's.


  1. Nice! The gorilla hut village area is really cool, neat idea to set them up like that! :D

  2. Thanks molly and Thank You Paige for visiting my home, hope you win the wizardly awards i already voted for you :D good luck

    This is Hunter btw


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