Monday, March 11, 2013

Pirate101 Furniture -I would like ingame

Questing through the Skyways from Skull Island to Valencia, I found some interesting pieces of furniture I wish would be added to Pirate101. First thing is this Valencian Villa. I simply love the structure of this little Villa with all the statues and trees.

 From Flotsam I found these four items; from Ratbeard's hideout a broken down bed, table with books under it and the hanging net. These things were unique and I believe would be great for the broken down Pirate hideout feel. There is also a Steamboat! it actually has the smoke pipes working.

Now lets talk miniatures , ever since the first time I saw all the miniatures from all the monkeys in Pirate101 I have wanted a miniature house. Tiny door you can walk through to lead into a  small house where you can add all those miniature monkey style items.

Have you seen furniture you would really like in Pirate101? 

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