Sunday, March 3, 2013

Visions of Gold Dorm Decorating Winners!!

Congratulations Winners!!

Week one!!
Giant Sundae
Jasmine DreamCloud 954

Purple Pose Mountain Top Play House
Brianna NightRider 962

Town Square
Alura Silver 936

Jacob LegendPants  998

Spring time
Daniel 990

Week Two!!
Delaney Bluedreamer
Peaceful Rainbow

Jacob Deathwhisper
Rainbow Park
Jack Shadowrider
Rainbow Butterfly
Travis Griffinshade
Dorm full of Color 
Duncan StormThief
Rainbow Fashion Shop

Week Three!!!

Victoria RoseThorn
 When Pat o Gold isn't in the spiral, she lives in a giant, deep, dwelling forest.  I know what you're thinking,"Wouldn't she live by a rainbow? Pots of gold? Leprechauns perhaps?"  Well, I thought so too at first, but don't you think us wizards would want to have our magical secrets hidden? 

Through the dwelling forest, across a red bridge and down a stone road lies the home of Pat o Gold.  Pat's home is surrounded by many trees, mystical waters, and a crackling campfire.  This secluded home is ideal for Pat's creativity and for making new things for wizards to buy each March. 
Talon DarkFlame
 I think Pat O Gold would live in a quiet secluded forest hidden away from the outside world, this is so people wont try to steal her gold from her after she sells enough in the shopping district to live alone in seclusion for a year! that's why i decorated my dorm in a forest theme with a tranquil garden/pond/fountain thing so she can get some peace and quiet all year round.

She also hoards her pot of gold and her wheelbarrows of goodies and wands to herself. Her bed was straight outta the woods but she spruced it up with some attractive looking leaves and flowers :D. I think basically she needs a place that is quiet and away from the rest of the world, because like leprechauns people always wanna take her gold and goodies she brings to the spiral, so she needs to be rarely seen :D
Elizabeth Sparklebreeze
I got invited to see where Miss Pat o' Gold lives and may I say is it lovely. She is such a hard worker! When she is not in Wizard City for Saint Patrick's Day, she lives and works in her own root beer and ice cream pub called Patty's. Oh my goodness. She makes the best root beer floats ever. Then at night when she closes down the pub, she uses her teleporter to go up to the second level to wind down, read, work on next year's Saint Patrick's Day equipment, be with her pet bird Seamus, and/or sleep. I think that she lives this way because it is in her Irish heritage to want to own a pub and share Saint Patrick's Day with the world. She may have a pretty simplistic life, but Pat does what she does best: be Irish. :)
Kymma JadeEyes
 Pat O'Gold and other magical creatures live near the town of Ravenwood in the world of Wizard City. There, just outside of the city, in a meadow called the Serenity Ponds, lies the entree into Pat O'Gold's Magical Forest. Pat O'Gold, fairies and unicorns, along with many other magical creatures, are said to live in giant oak trees similar to the Life House sold in the crown shop. There are two magical windows in the center of Pat O'Gold's Magical Forest so all the residents can keep an eye on Ravenwood without being noticed. In this same area Pat O'Gold ensures there is always fresh vegetables and fruits for everyone to enjoy, along with fresh hot beverages and a warm fire for those chilly days.
Thomas Green
This is my vision of Pat o Golds dorm room: Since she was raised in Leprechaun village, naturally, her room colored with all sorts of stuff that reminds her on her childhood yard. Its all green and full of plants. There is a Harp for her to play when she isn't too busy with measuring gold  and enjoy in her favorite Fairy's music, the place to rest under the wonderful mushrooms cap. She also keep gold for Leprechaun in all sorts of chest that she obtain during her businesses travels. She is particularly proud on clover logo on her wall, her favorite plant. When she isn't selling wands somewhere in Spiral shed likes to relax in this room full of stuff she likes and reminds her of home.


  1. Lovely work everyone, congrats all! Considering the limit, you all did great job thou I must say the Jasmine's work is so creative! Still great submits! Props! :D
    Llewella Life

  2. Thank you so very much, Paige! It is an honor to win one of your decorating contests.
    And thank you, Llewella, I am glad you liked the sundae :)
    Jasmine DreamCloud

  3. WOW! Amazing work everyone :D But Delaney Bluedreamer definitely got my attention. The dorm looks AMAZING!!!


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