Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pirate101 Test realm Update notes

Pirate101 Test Realm
New worlds, companions , powers and levels!
With the introduction of both the war-torn skyway of Marleybone and the legendary beauty and danger found throughout Aquila, high-level pirates will now continue their rebel journey against the evil Armada!

A new Bazaar has opened shop on Skull Island, and it’ll give pirates access to tons of items found by other pirates. Be sure to visit Harvey Deuce in the building directly to the right as you exit Avery's Court (on the same side and right before Kraken Skulls Tavern).
Turret Bosses! 
We've noticed our players enjoy grouping up to fight ships together, so we've added three new turret bosses to the game that are meant to be a multiplayer experience out in the Skyways.
So many more updates!! Gold increase! Bric elixir for housing and so much more. To find out about more of these updates check out Game Update Notes .

Monday, April 29, 2013

Susan the Kitty's Dorm!

Meow Wizards,
 Ditto P Monster has a new kitty and her name is Susan. Susan saw me ask about dorm rooms and decided to decorate her very own dorm with all her favorite things, such as; a box to get in , what kitty does not like playing in boxes?  balls of yarn to play, and a fast place to go to bazaar to meet all the friendly Wizards.
Susan has two friends in her dorm I named them Spot and flame though I think she will tell me their names when She sees this. I see some ice cream on the floor but I am wondering if She sneaked that in so Ditto didn't see it. After all Kitties should never have Ice Cream. Thank you Susan and Ditto for showing me your fantastic dorm made for a kitty. Here is a image of Susan decorating.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Housing Showcase-Marissa MoonCloud

 Marissa MoonCloud's is a regal place for her pets. Everywhere I travel through Marissa's house I met your collection of pets. From spiders to a hold group who wanted to play.  Marissa even had a place for her dragons in the dungeon.
Marissa's favorite room is her statue room. I have to agree is was very nice and laid out a place for each statue. I think my favorite spot is the sitting area next to the fire places in dining hall, simply looks like a place I could sit for hours relaxing at. Thank you Marissa for the wonderful tour.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ahoy Pirates!! Fresh off the presses!!! pt 2

I tell a tale o' a far off place , 
Where Pirates can sail all over t' land. 
Thar be ships and lands for all t' embrace, 
So get ready Pirates train yer deck hands!

Buckos and Foes for all t' seek, 
A puzzle for Pirates all over t' place. 
Some'in be comin' Pirates make haste, 
Do some o' these pictures look a bit antique?

Marleybone is my favorite world in Wizard101  With the old world styles. I know just by looking at the first image it is going to be my favorite in Pirate101. We are all thinking Aqulia for the second world. I can tell you my Nephew really loves the viking look of those ships.

Ahoy Pirates!! Fresh off the presses!!!

I tell a tale o' a far off place , 
Where Pirates can sail all over t' land. 
Thar be ships and lands for all t' embrace, 
So get ready Pirates train yer deck hands!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Game Updates are Live!! with a New House!!

Greetings Wizards,

As we all know by now test realm has gone live! Update notes Here. What we did not know are the amazing surprises Kingsisle gave us. A new red barn house and Avalon Furniture packs! So that gives us Two new houses and 6 new furniture packs! Can you tell this Wizard is ecstatic?
The new Red Barn house is huge with large open places for all your gardening needs. There is even a tornado don't worry though, it will not harm you pets or plants. This house is sold in crowned shop for 12500 crowns or 125,000 Gold which is a steal is you ask me! Item space is 250/250.
The inside of this house is 3 stories high, 10 rooms and 3 landings.  Barn has places for horses egg pets or any type of animal you wish. The silo is a little room that looks over your land.  I cannot wait to start decorating this house, can you?

Besides the Azteca furniture packs we saw in test Kingsisle surprised us with Avalon furniture packs too! I took some picture of the pieces I got. I am so excited for the interactive and animated pieces , they give so much life to our Wizard101 houses. Until next time Happy house Decorating!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bunk House Decorating Revisted

Ahoy Pirates,

I decided it was time to revisit Bunk houses. Bunk houses are like first living quarters you receive in Pirate101. You can decorate your bunk house or use it simply for storage items. I have talking about bunk houses a few times throughout the year. Here are some of the topics to refresh your memory;  Bunk House Decorating and Advanced Bunk House Decorating .

Using the basics of floating you are able to sink items into walls , this gives that extra space for detail decorating. I always say it is those small details that make or break any decorating. I started sinking these rock formations into the bunk house walls, ending up with this very nice Bison village.

 A few months ago I show all my readers how to make rail tracks on this topic. I decided to see if I could go a bit further and make a train station inside a bunk house. I used the steam machine to create the train feel and the bank teller for the station. I hope everyone enjoyed this Bunk Houses Revisited.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Guess what's in the water-Winners!!

Congratulations Winners!!!
Your top 20 winners!!

Each winner will receive a random Under the sea mount and 5000 crowns.

15 Correct!!
Duncan StormThief
Katherine Nightsong
Talon ShadowHorn
Julia Shadowcaster
Gilroy Ash
Vanessa Dreamfinder
Amber Storm
Brianna DragonHaven

14 Correct!!
Nicholas Rubyshard
Gavin Stardust
Scarlet Summerflame

13 correct!!
Katie Emeraldflower
Anthony Thunderflame
Alura Silver

11 correct!
Molly Ravenflame

10 correct!
Chris Myth
Blake FireGlade

Watermill wheel in Triton Ave
Bone skull Left top when you first go into Grotto
Sea cucumber in Pitch black lake
Glow fish in crab alley Warren deep
The bridge going over the giant crab, crab empire
Fish pole line in Gh bear fishing
Fanged Anemones Pitch place lake
vigrid roughlands boiling fields
Speaker on stage in crab alley
whirlpool zafaria
Lady of the lake tail- deep water Avalon
Pond in commons fountain
3 baskets in saltmedeow swamp
Jade temple pond lilly and cat tail
Bathing pool in three points Azteca

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Blaze Fairypants Introduces Wizard Hallow-Showcase

Welcome to Wizard Hallow, Blaze Fairypants's  Take on Pixie Hallow. I have to say this is one of the best themed houses I have seen in a while. Blaze has everything! From each area for the pixies to live to a grand Rave/ dancing area . It even has a DJ!
As you travel the areas you see Pixies and satyr , all of the things that you would find in Pixie Hallow. Blaze told me his favorite area was where his DJ is and his Kitchen. I have to agree that DJ was very unique. The kitchen was so splendid.  I had such a hard time picking just one area I liked, but this area leading to the gazebo took my breath away. Thank you so much Blaze for the wonderful tour. I added a special surprise in your slideshow. ;)

Pirate101- In game Pieces as Furniture.Plus Twitter Q&A

Ahoy Pirates,
I was doing a bit of Q&A on twitter today on different things one being ; If you could have one thing you saw in game made into a housing furniture, What would it be? 
Well I am unsure if I could pick just one item, so I made a slideshow of things I would like. 
Here are some of the pieces players would like;

Life fountain- 

A walking zombie

Stormzilla Statue

The clockwork birds that the armada put everywhere. And wind-stone display cases would be cool, too.

Although I have never seen one in game One reply was for a pack mule

There are a couple of nice statues & what look like Polaris paintings in the Frogfather's office. (Not the frog head though)

A little Mooshu Falcon mini-statue would make a nice quest reward.

Next question: Which class do ye Pirates find to be the hardest to play? Why?
My answer is; Privateer/ Buccaneer is the hardest ones I am finding (more support) Bucc easier of the 2, Swash was my easiest. 

Patrick says: Swashbucklers, in long battles at low levels there's nearly no way to heal.

Anthony says: buccaneer, its supportive

Charles says: swashbuckler is hardest ._. Easiest to me is witch doctor.

Blaze says:  Privateer, a lot of the powers are useless with my play style.

Jose says: Privateer, cause I die easily being it :D

Morgrim says : Buccaneer. The lack of many companions make questing difficult in earlier stages

Starsong says: I have the most trouble with the melee-primary ones, Buccaneer & Swashbuckler. Companions die too quickly somehow.

Next Question: 
Which is your favorite companion and why?
My answer is; I guess it would depend on the Pirate class I am using. Bonnie Anne is my favorite for looks and scatter attack, although Mormo the Witch doctor companion is really unique and pretty powerful.

Anthony says: bones mcgee, he looks cool and when he gets hit he check if his head is still there and its kinda funny xD

Patrick says: Obvious answer: the bull guy from CR (Haven't played in so long i forgot his name lol). His boost + dmg is useful.

Ian says: the crazy monquistan you get as a swash at the end of gortez :P

Duncan says: . El Toro definitely! Theme sounds when he critical, and animations along with it.

Jose says: Subodai! He is my very first companion and very helpful with vengeance strike :D

Hope you enjoyed this Q&A segment. What are you favorites or wants ingame?

Friday, April 12, 2013

Guess what's in the water? -Mount-a-Palooza 2013 Contest

Someone has been lurking in the waters of spiral. 
They took some amazing snapshots.

Contest is now closed Winners will be posted Monday April 22,2013 Before 6 pm US central . In a new Blog post.

Can you guess all 15?

Simple as it sounds ? 
All you have to do is guess what that is and try to get them all right.

* Below will be 15 small images of What? That is up to you to figure out. 
*Make a list number 1-15 and try to figure out what each image is. The more information you can provide the better.
*Send your list to Contest@PAIGEMOONSHADE.com with the title  "Guess what-Wizard101".
*Add  your Wizards In game name Such as (Paige MoonShade) to your list.
* Contest runs from April 12,2013 to April 21,2013  6pm Us Central time.
*There is a limit of one code per account. 
*Please ask all questions on this post

At the end of the contest I will post the screenshots of what these images are. :)
Thank you KingsIsle  for the wonderful prizes.

If you are under the age of 13 please have your parents or guardians permission to enter.

Do your best Wizards!!

20 Winners!! 

Top 20 most correct!
Each winner will recieve one random Under the sea mount and 5000 crowns.

Random mounts are listed as; 
Amazing Under the Sea mounts
Manta Ray
Rugged Seahorse
Sea Turtle
Snappy Lobster
Spritely Seahorse
Swift Shark

( In case of a Tie- The entries are first come first win)

 Winners will be posted on April 22, 2013 by 6:00pm Central US time.

Good Luck Wizards!!

Ready for your images?