Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ahoy Pirates!! Fresh off the presses!!! pt 2

I tell a tale o' a far off place , 
Where Pirates can sail all over t' land. 
Thar be ships and lands for all t' embrace, 
So get ready Pirates train yer deck hands!

Buckos and Foes for all t' seek, 
A puzzle for Pirates all over t' place. 
Some'in be comin' Pirates make haste, 
Do some o' these pictures look a bit antique?

Marleybone is my favorite world in Wizard101  With the old world styles. I know just by looking at the first image it is going to be my favorite in Pirate101. We are all thinking Aqulia for the second world. I can tell you my Nephew really loves the viking look of those ships.


  1. Their architecture resembles roman origin and the ships look like roman triremes . The pillar in valecia said the aquila once ruled all the realms but was overthrown. Rome ruled what is now western europe but was then overthrown to be replaced by italy, spain and france.

  2. Can't wait for them to be in test!I knew they would both come out same time.Wonder what Aquila gate we will use?


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